1. I feel lazy. Lazy people can afford to be lazy. I spent some time editing the previous article’s typos. Weather is pleasant once again. I bowled ten overs. It’s the latest version of bowling practice: A. If the spot is empty: begin practice. B. Choose a spot where ball has least probability of getting … More Rocky!

United Nations World Food Programme: Free Rice: Help Alleviate The Hunger!

I just raised 26000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here: 1. I made a few calls. 2. I heard some music by maestros. 3. I took milk, rice and pulses in lunch. I had poha for breakfast. … More United Nations World Food Programme: Free Rice: Help Alleviate The Hunger!


Even if this world is just a simulation, my feelings feel real and are valid. Define simulation. I define existence as what you perceive as real. How do you feel like right now ? I am feeling loved. Define Narayana Narayana is that energy inside you. It doesn’t exist except in your mind. Have you … More Existence


Have you ever heard of ” Siddhivinadam” We have also heard it from our parents, elder siblings, relatives, friends and children. What is it! It is A Beautiful Flower named ” SIDDHI VAIDYA.” SIDDHI VAIDYA is available in the Meta garden of Life. It has many varieties and colors, also it has many powerful healing … More Siddhivinadam

Incunabulum incubates!

Tabanid horsemaybluecolddragonflyovertureundertoned. Horsefly lute flute diluted editors open fields. Tabanid horsemaybluecolddragonflyovertureundertoned. Horsefly lute flute diluted editors open fields. Overture unhurried interminable disjunctive undertoned. Noted clabber Goshen ashen hen party. Dede de luce. Lambent lambda incunabulum incubates. Cucumber cuckoo clocks back to you. I am sure. Lambent lambda incunabulum incubates. Infundibulum lumpsum fulcrum curmudgeon lying on … More Incunabulum incubates!

The Dancer!

Darkening Twilight. The emperor had gone to his private palace, and all the princes and lords and courtiers were gathered there to drink. Ambrosia siamang mangolian mangoose hoosegaw gawp. There was a wonderful dancer, and the king and all the guests were so enchanted by her dancing that they never thought to eat, but just … More The Dancer!

The Last Man|

Flashes of light. Thunderbird is singing. It rained. Sun was shining brightly when drizzle Was it the marriage ceremony of the pack of wolves as the folklore told or was it something else. Anyway: it relieved us from the hot humid and harassing singularity ritzy zygote verboten rotten torpor porous sussuration cocksure cockalorum cockroach coach … More The Last Man|

Police State

He thought it existed only in the North. The uneducated lot. The state of Tamil nadu saw some despicable police brutality. NDTV reported it. He recalled how he was beaten on the eleventh of April for walking without a mask. He was in the perfect health and knew that pandemic was a charade and joke. … More Police State


Her general knowledge was not good. She kept forgetting simple things . He was in love with her. But he was concerned for her fading memory. “Oh,” he said, “you don’t know your own heart, and I know mine.” I am sure you are interested in this. I will see what can be done. He … More Segue

Junebug bugs Bunny rabbit!

Jejune Junebug bugs Bunny rabbit hole. Mayflower mayfly flyover flutterby bilateral dragonfly tattoo designs. Junebug junebug junebug junebug. Gumshoe oeillade ladle ladder rungs rugs smug mug mugger germane manager inane shrapnel harpsichord harpagon gonebydays. Mrs. Junebug, as she was named, had a very serious and devoted nature. She is a chatterbox of sorts. Always wears … More Junebug bugs Bunny rabbit!