AI is here! Drones! RUN AWAY!

1. Only dragonflies and butterflies. 2. Ramashankar Yadav from Benares works for PNC. He says that there was rain three days ago in Benares. How were they reporting it now? 3. There’s a cancer hospital in Kishanpura on Bijawar road. Two boys on a bike, one wearing a Big Boss T shirt, stopped by the … More AI is here! Drones! RUN AWAY!


1. Chutki is used for jokeful remark in Hindi but for me it means peppermint mixture made and packaged in Delhi crows are singing ginseng songs. Gingerly gingerly I say unto thee: a bike slowed down. They had a man in the middle who laughed devilishly as it looked at me. The idea was either … More Sacrifice

Zebra Crossings

Two guys were near a narrow passage. They asked me if I knew a mechanic nearby. A man passing with a bicycle said that the Village of the Moon will be found soon if they kept walking towards the West. They put a green stick into the hole and kept driving their bike slowly. The … More Zebra Crossings


1. Monkeys refused to pose for me. Kaal purusha’s yoni is monkey today: I consider it a sign because I didn’t see any of them yesterday. I zoomed out and took the shot. It was near the peppermint processing plant. A dead water snake was lying nearby. It had flies on it. 2. The twenty … More Monkeys


1. Birds are chirping sweet on the branch of the neem tree. I am free. For now. 2. It rained since yesterday evening. It was drizzling as I left the premise with my students. It was quiet until the class wasn’t over, then it started drizzling until it drenched us. It has been happening for … More Birds

Dark Clouds!

A woodpecker song. Squirrel nibbles the fruit which fell from the margossa tree. A man dressed black had a white beard and funny eyes. He looked around with suspicion. Kept digging earth for sand from the root of the grass. Perhaps some medicine, Or an amulet. He sure did spend a long time for a … More Dark Clouds!


There are certain advantages to waking up early morning hours and going for walk. I had no other option but to walk. I already feel richer. She had the idea of wearing a new dress. 2. I bought the dress for her. The budget was drugged. I often think what my existence is about and … More Snippets

More fiction!

1. It’s raining. I am not helpless anymore. I walked a bit more than usual today and the most interesting synchronicity happened in the afternoon: I was walking, as if in some circles within one colony for many minutes. I forgot the mask first at the house where I took a class. Since I had … More More fiction!