Luncheon to luncheon!

1. Can you finish a ten rupees white bread packet(usually twelve to thirteen pieces with a twenty rupees lassi?) Answer: it depends on whether you need to finish it. 2. Why lassi and not tea? Answer: quantity to soak breads. 3. Why not water and sugar? Answer: I have tried. Question: 01: Why department? Answer: … More Luncheon to luncheon!


1. RGB: Red, Green, Blue. 2. Laal: Red: As in: Lala Lajpat Rai Lala Amarnath Many people here call their certain relatives by using title Lala. It’s reserved especially for son-in-law. In 2016 I learnt that lalala is a standard call for devil. Hollywood and Bollywood movies are full of that refrain: For example: Poppy’s … More LaalBaalPaulRBG