Morning Run!

1. 40 balls. 8 hits on target. 2. Read newspaper on app. Strangely: all news in this town and around is either about accidents or Lodhi community. And accident signboard has an exclamation mark, like my posts do. Not just one post. It’s entire journalism community of Dainik Bhaskar mocking the prevention of accidents, pedestrians … More Morning Run!

Thanksgiving 2020

A fellow blogger inspired this post. 1. This year i feel grateful for this black cap that I don on my head. The man sitting on the thela outside stadium near Surya Namaskar statues sold this to me in 70 rupees after bargaining. He asked me what the thing on my right hand’s finger was. … More Thanksgiving 2020


1. A black fish is swimming in aquarium. A lone fish. 2. A girl comes to watch us study. I call her by name and she goes upstairs. 3. A man called Hari on a red TVS bike. Outside Narasimha temple. 4. A man who was searching for something. A torch with another. 5. Krishna. … More 19112020

Are you!

Am I dreaming or are you? Screaming in my ears…are you? “stop” Half of a song… Was it really too long… As long as throngs were wrongs… Pangs and bangs hang on doors in form of canopies. Am I dreaming or are you…


1. Venus. 13.11.2020: 4.2.2020. Uranus Conjunct Sun. Take care of your heart. Your art sweetheart. Sweet art. Tweet. 2. Arcturus. Rustic. Tic-tac-toe. 3. Vyagh. Vyaghrapada. Natarajan. 4. Ariel. A real estate state. A gem. 5. As a bowler rests between two balls; the heart rests between two beats. 6. Oh mount of Grace! When will … More Thiruvachakam!

My assistants!

1. I had a dream. I wrote a story. A long thread. Books. Kabir. Chetandas. Ramananda. Bhaas. Moon. Sun. Baanbhatta. 2. Tells you nothing you know! 3. There are so many people working for me! 4. Baadraayana. Bhasa. Bana. Nalini. Lily. Sun. Moon. Logos. Yahweh. IAMTHATIAM. Dark girl on her birthday. Dreams and their fulfilment.