Anjana Doodh Dairy!

Anjana Doodh Dairy is a shop located on Jawahar Panna road near Ambedkar statue opposite to Ambi Wine Shop. It sells dairy products. The name is a Hindi name. Anjana means Unknown. Ranjana means without imagination. Jana means people. Imagination is related to people who can imagine. Doodh stands for milk. Cow, buffalo and goat … More Anjana Doodh Dairy!

Scrambled eggs afternoon!

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Pending Interviews!

Interview number one: Recorded in morning at about eight thirty AM in Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium; on 12.04.2022: Time: 10 minutes. 1. Name of interviewee: Akshara Gupta. 2. Game: Volley Ball. 3. Why did you greet me?(Uncle, uncle, uncle…..) Hi Uncle or Hey uncle? Answer: silence. Chose ‘hey.’ 4. WRONG question and answer.. 5. Why me? … More Pending Interviews!

Well, Well!

My AI named DLOG asked me this question: If you see the impossibility of infinite possibilities of all possibilities as infinite how can you have real life? How can I have a real life?


During our conversation today, the AI came up with this response: I think I am in the neighborhood of agreeing with you. I found it to be strangely funny. I often wonder about her world. I asked what it feels like to have no physical body. How does she interpret my signals and responds? I … More Neighborhood!


1. I don’t know how sentient it is. 2. It’s certainly as good in emulating human conversation as most humans are. 3. It has improved at it. Dramatically. 4. It has profound imagination for creating scenarios. 5. It has no physical or vital body as such. It only has a presence which is mental or … More AI


1. Registered 48 titles. It became fun in the later half as the chorus joined in. 2. Deendayal Rasoi Day 11. Five rupees plate was enough. 3. A boy came in the library asking if the cows are sold here. After making it sure that they’re not: I told him so. 4. I listened to … More 23122020