Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Cosmic mic
Cause cosine use
Sine shine whine
Cosmetic tic tac tie
Métier tiers tyre
Tears emitter
Cosmopolitan tan
Lit polity mop
Asymptomatic asymptotes
Litotes osmosis
Sister terse tergiverse
Verse rehearse
Ear serve reserve
Trial extraordinary
Rest on terrace trace
Race of ace
Pacemaker peace
Iamb what are you?
Who is a hat
That rat
Allusion ion allures
Fusion unison son
On fuss
Suffice suffuse fuse
Use ruse
Muse abuse
Abstruse truce
Abstract tract
An act
Tact tectonic
A tonic for tone
A ticket for a wicket
Picket pick pocket
Poking king
Jam am mental tally
Ally enjoying yin yang
Angular gully
Ululate late
Ate tea
Attics trucks
Where here
How do you call it quits
Wits of Wittgenstein
Generate berate
Be rate terrible Terra firma
Firm denial
Daniel Dan
Can you find an onion
On an ion annointed
By annoying Ted
Determinant ditto
It to indite diction
Dictate dictionary
Fiction stationary
Tat for tit
At Attila till
Ill will kill
Fulfill the promise
Roam prom
Ram am
Rise mice rice wise
Lice ice thrice as good
Wooden goo den gone
One woo with the wind
Indie horror or die
Lie not forethought
Hot rot
Otiose transpose pose
Trance prance France
An ounce of menace
Men ace
Why our
Hyper hour
Per hyphen
Hen hype
Web ebb
Flow low
Site sit
Edit ditto torpor
Porous load
Ding dong long
Song swan wan
Pallid vain rain
Tainted detained
Beta determinate
Minatory minutes
Minimum natation
Nuts sutures respite
Piteous pity
Typical calcium calculated
Culinary linen
Line email
Ailments entomology
Tomb of ombudsmen
Buds bombs dumb shibboleth
Lathe machine
Matches catches
Cat chest at behest of bee
Beetroot root
Beaten ten roots
Boots of das
The days of yes
Fused us missus
Fuss unnecessary
Cesspool tool
Essential cool
Pool car
Ballpark dark arc
Rack rucksack
Duck crack
Go pluck
Luck muck


The supreme beauty

Has no form!

The supreme dance,

Has no movements,

The supreme music,

Has no notes!

Wonder of wonders!

It picks its subjects at random,

Makes them feel like it does,

And they sing songs mystified about,

Its nature and grace,

Since they know,

In a world which only gives one,

What’s deserved,

It’s only this grace which,

Gives insuperable beatitude and bliss,

It’s a strange thing,

This dancer is unfathomable!


Oh supreme dancer,

Where art thou feet?

Head, face and eyes?

All heads are your heads,

All faces your faces,

And all feet are your feet!

Oh supreme damsel,

What can I sing about your ineffable beauty supreme?

Words return,

From the threshold of your shrine,

With silent dazed faces,

The form of your presence,

Consumes all forms!

The music created by your tapping feet consumes all music!

Are you formless or with form?

Are you musical or without sound?

It is a mystery hitherto.

You’re the supreme taste,

And supreme grace–

Is there any doubt about it?

Moth and Flame!

Am I a moth in the flame?

Or flame in a moth?

Or both?

The same,

A form and a name,

A game,

As the moth,

I am burning with bliss,

Can’t wait this eon of mothship to sink,

In the blink of cosmic eye,

Can’t be truly a moth,

Or even a semi awakened flame,

As the flame,

It’s merely a speck,

Now it was,

Now it’s not,

And yet :

To the dream which is neither moth,

Nor the flame,

A mysterious dame,

The song seems blissful.

It’s a great mystery.

Uniqueness of Experience!

It’s the only experience,

Which uses all senses together;

It’s seen as magnificent dance made of jewels,

It’s heard as divine melody consisting of variegated instruments,

It’s tasted as ambrosia,

A sublime honey,

And felt throughout the body as divine mingling with mundane,

Making it divine,

It also has the fragrance,

Akin to camphor,

Soothing bliss completely unique experience which has no parallel.

And it’s one entity continuous without breaks in generating experience for different senses,

It happens all at once,

And interpreted in parts.

A unique experience of fruition.

Unfathomable beatitude!

My existence these days,

Is almost magical,

And often,

When I hear no echoes,

I feel unfathomable beatitude,

I often wish this was my swan song,

I often long for it to be my last day here,

But alas, it’s not,

Not yet!

I have no doubts,

I would be the happiest person on my last day,

Since degree of happiness can’t be compared for subjects in either time or space,

You have to take my word.

I really don’t want to live here ever again.

I really don’t want to improve any lives known or unknown.

I had my full cup and I drank from it.

It’s enough. It’s final.


1. It’s like a friend you know and yet you don’t.

2. All the mystics and some poets have talked about it. They became one with it. They came from it. It was playing in them. It became itself when they truly found themselves.

3. They allude to its effects as footprints on sand. Everyone talks about the music and ambrosia. Vedas talk about taking one from darkness to light, from illusion to reality and death to immortality.

4. I see this bird. It’s a sign in my consciousness. When I began it was not a choice. It was a compulsion. I didn’t choose to be hungry for truth and thirsty for nectar. It was like running out of a house which was on fire.

5. All the fields of knowledge merely indicate limitations of human mind which need to be transcended. The more we explore humbler we become.

6. It soon becomes apparent even to most developed of minds that our lives and searches are limited. Learning various arts and becoming adept at technologies: just what is available at present: means countless lifetimes.

7. Certainly: amassing knowledge is not way to lasting bliss and peace.

8. Becoming knowledge is.

9. By coming in contact with it. You start becoming it. As moths burn when attracted by light: your personality burns completely.

10. Since source of all has all: all advertisement for moth like personalities are illusions.

11. None of your desires get fulfilled. They either disappear or lose value or can be seen as easily fulfilled in a new dimension.

12. If a desire isn’t satisfied immediately: it’s not the same desire when it’s satisfied. If you understand this clearly : you know that only in a state of complete harmony : desires which spontaneously get satisfied arise.

13. Every dream of limitations wonders about perfection. It’s akin to our dreams in a way. A play. Until it dissolves completely: you can’t say what it was and why.

14. It is fire. It’s water. It’s ether. It’s earth and sound. It chooses mystics to meditate on any one aspects of it. It’s love. It’s compassion. It’s infinite beauty and bliss.

15. Boredom and ennui are parts of a mechanism which perpetrates suffering. It’s a blinding mechanism. Every situation is new. It’s almost impossible for a human being to retain all details of every environment. Therefore even when an event takes place in the same setting there’s something new about it. Being unable to attend to this newness is because of the dullness of mind.

16. It has countless eyes. It takes away dullness. It is so addictive that everything else seems like hell in comparison.

17. Every moment the home is coming closer. Mystery is infinite. It’s an ever increasing love, wonder and awe.

18. When some immortals gather in the hall of gnosis: they have no worries, nothing to do, no goals, an eternity.

19. Science, reason and intellect are shaped by it. Can’t comprehend it. Can’t use it. Can’t predict it.

20. Singing songs to praise it is to focus your mind on it. You can’t analyze it. All you can do is to appreciate how good it tastes. Feels. How engrossing, vast and ceaseless it’s.

21. Though revealed in works of nature. It transcends nature and its root cause. Many patterns and movements in artificial and natural intelligence seem to resemble it.

22. All names are its names. Everytime you name it, it’s naming itself via you. It’s not to suggest that there exists something other than itself.

23. It cheats with itself by creating its shadows with which it plays. It’s not however alone in the sense humans get. Humans feel lonely because of idea of multiplicity. It’s neither one nor many. The ancient idea of it was one so desired to be many is a myth.

24. It doesn’t know itself. It has no faculties. Or maybe it does. In this matter I can’t speak on its behalf. Knowing suggests limitation.


1. No people.

2. Noise.

3. Hunger, thirst or disease or fatigue.

4. No business or calls.

5. No distractions or thoughts or

6. Pitfalls.

7. hinder me or obstruct my vision.

8. This rendezvous is perfect.

9. I feel accomplished.

Theism and Atheism!

1. Some mystics divided human existence in five-fold sheaths in Upanishads.

2. Physical, vital, mental, scientific and blissful.

3. These are also broadly considered to be gross, subtle and causal layers of existence.

4. A liberated being is supposed to transcend all sheaths. Only a slight layer of blissful sheath covers them until their body drops or gets transformed into pure body of gnosis and bliss according to literature.

5. In songs of mystics who attained Immortality or pure body: there’s a clear understanding of Nonduality which is the only fearless freedom possible. It’s theism without allowing anyone else who compels you anymore.

6. Atheistic philosophy like Jainism admits multiplicity of souls who enjoy equally blissful existence once they’re liberated. Though there are countless liberated beings according to it, there can’t be any conflict between them because conflict causing egoic grip is lost with liberation.

7. I feel: the scientific sheath in the causal body which holds gods as opposed to demigods in theistic scheme is the reach of atheistic Philosophy. Theistic philosophy is merely beautiful art to elaborate upon bliss experienced by liberation. Songs created in bridal mysticism and in other verse forms were only suitable ways for expression of love felt by liberated mystics. The apprehension of reality is impossible for human mind and thought can’t express it.

8. I don’t see any conflict between atheistic philosophy like Jainism, Buddhism and theistic philosophy like Hinduism. Hinduism is an umbrella term which involved more cultural elements whereas Buddhism was mostly a reform of Hinduism which because of being mostly based on Philosophy and reason gained currency and later included elements from Hinduism to survive.

9. I also don’t see any conflict between essence of Islam, Sikhism, Christianity and Judaism in my own understanding and study.

An Ordinary Weblog Post!

1. I came here after a long time. Moon rays are soothing. Sun is already scorching and it’s not even March.

2. Orion belt is beautiful. How harmoniously the stars of proportionate size studded in it.

3. I saw an asteroid. It’s second such within one week.

4. I am reading Kathasaritsar these days. Magical fantasies. Mythological figures.

5. Couple of airplanes passed by.

6. Beautiful parrots returned to their nests.

7. Read an advertisement for an institute for liberal studies for an acquaintance. He’s not eligible.

8. Dogs are barking and a devotional storytelling ritual in a nearby temple.

9. The rehearsal as well as presentation of play Tendor For Tajmahal was cancelled.

10. Within a very few days my rankings on vocabulary jams have dropped because of low participation. Trying to get my priorities straight again.