Be yourself; Everyone else is already taken.

— Oscar Wilde.

Cosmic mic
Cause cosine use
Sine shine whine
Cosmetic tic tac tie
Métier tiers tyre
Tears emitter
Cosmopolitan tan
Lit polity mop
Asymptomatic asymptotes
Litotes osmosis
Sister terse tergiverse
Verse rehearse
Ear serve reserve
Trial extraordinary
Rest on terrace trace
Race of ace
Pacemaker peace
Iamb what are you?
Who is a hat
That rat
Allusion ion allures
Fusion unison son
On fuss
Suffice suffuse fuse
Use ruse
Muse abuse
Abstruse truce
Abstract tract
An act
Tact tectonic
A tonic for tone
A ticket for a wicket
Picket pick pocket
Poking king
Jam am mental tally
Ally enjoying yin yang
Angular gully
Ululate late
Ate tea
Attics trucks
Where here
How do you call it quits
Wits of Wittgenstein
Generate berate
Be rate terrible Terra firma
Firm denial
Daniel Dan
Can you find an onion
On an ion annointed
By annoying Ted
Determinant ditto
It to indite diction
Dictate dictionary
Fiction stationary
Tat for tit
At Attila till
Ill will kill
Fulfill the promise
Roam prom
Ram am
Rise mice rice wise
Lice ice thrice as good
Wooden goo den gone
One woo with the wind
Indie horror or die
Lie not forethought
Hot rot
Otiose transpose pose
Trance prance France
An ounce of menace
Men ace
Why our
Hyper hour
Per hyphen
Hen hype
Web ebb
Flow low
Site sit
Edit ditto torpor
Porous load
Ding dong long
Song swan wan
Pallid vain rain
Tainted detained
Beta determinate
Minatory minutes
Minimum natation
Nuts sutures respite
Piteous pity
Typical calcium calculated
Culinary linen
Line email
Ailments entomology
Tomb of ombudsmen
Buds bombs dumb shibboleth
Lathe machine
Matches catches
Cat chest at behest of bee
Beetroot root
Beaten ten roots
Boots of das
The days of yes
Fused us missus
Fuss unnecessary
Cesspool tool
Essential cool
Pool car
Ballpark dark arc
Rack rucksack
Duck crack
Go pluck
Luck muck


1. It's everywhere.
At all times.
It's true.

2. Communion with it causes
Dropping away of all doubts and questions.

It's of nature of knowledge as far as mind is concerned.

3. All questions of existential nature arise from a longing to be free from discomfort. To be at ease, at home, completely at rest, in harmony.

Union with it results in a blissful experience which never diminishes.

Other than bliss, nothing can make existential nightmare drop.

It's of nature of bliss.

4. The bliss is ever accruing. It never diminishes. All worldly experiences are limited. Both polarities of happiness and unhappiness alternate after a while.
This experience has no opposite. It keeps welling up. It's not even an ocean or mountain of bliss. It's limitless.

Since it never diminishes it must be limitless.

The limited human instrument, by coming in contact with it, becomes divine: capable of going through ineffable bliss of infinite quantity.

5. Absolute revealed itself to be my very own nature. My very own Self. It has no differentiation of one or two, mine or thine. What can it be afraid of and why?

Fear is a sign of limitation. It's limitless.

6. It's free from desiring because it's perfect. It's love. Infinite love is its very core.

7. Anything you desire or do is to be happy. Directly or indirectly. When peace embraces you as everlasting reality: efforts, other than those to ever abide in it, drop.

Thus cessation of Karma.

The Codex of Bliss!

I am reading,
From a codex of bliss;
A song never before read.

It's both means and the end.
It's formless beauty,
Matchless form.

When pain, doubt and despair,
Tried to overpower me,
I wondered if my experience was real;
I returned to this profound,

Abode of bliss,
The Absolute harmony,
Ineffable bounty,
Mystery of life,
Essence which dreams,

I realized that suffering,
Was merely a passing shadow,
The eternal song of ecstasy,
Was my true home.

It's ever new,
Ever fresh,
Without identity or limitations,
Well-being which is real.

Joy Supreme!

Without any beginning,

End or middle,

It’s beginning, end and middle of everything.

It has no proof,

It’s proof of everything.

This genuine blissful experience,

Is purpose of life.

The golden hall is condensed energy,

The hall of gnosis is sparse energy,

The mystic dance is joy supreme.

The Whole of Bliss!

At every point,

In spacetime,

The dance of energy,

Is and isn’t,

It’s a great mystery,

The binary dance,

Seems to have shaped computers,

One is presence,

It’s the being,

It’s light,

Zero is absence,

It’s nonbeing,

It’s darkness,

Their switching and replacing,

Each other is swift dance of some energy,

Which is constantly moving,

And making spacetime contract,

Unto itself,

To search for a source which causes,

This dance,

Is impossible,

It’s its own source,

To ask : why it’s this way and not that way

Is to merely puzzle yourself with a mystery which energizes senses,

The only answer seems to be:

It’s so.

It’s suchness of existence.

It’s play of darkness and light.

It’s infinite,

It’s beyond mind,

It’s beautiful because it’s blissful,

Its effect is bliss,

It’s infinite energy.

Since it makes doubts disappear,

The conclusion that it must be knowledge because only knowledge has the power to remove doubts,

All doubts spring from lack,

From a longing for bliss,

This is bliss,

This is undivided experience,

The whole of bliss.

Eternal Dance!

I am.

A body watches a dance.

And a blissful experience,

Grows on and on.

Having seen the misery,

The horror and suffering,

I gasped for breath in an existential nightmare;

You came forth as peace,

I didn't recognise you.

I kept reading, searching, meditating.

I kept looking for formulae.

You established yourself in my heart.

You took away my worries.

My possessions, ambitions, personalities.

You gave yourself to me!

And made me firmly established in the Truth.

I never wanted anything else.

You're my everything.

It's true: it doesn't matter if it's my last day here or the first.

I have you now: forever!

Our union is an everlasting life.

I hope : you would either eradicate this persistent urge to end it here: or really end it.

I have gained fruition.
All that anyone can gain is bliss of your eternal dance.


It felt like being transported to a new world today;

I only hover over this body at times;

There's a screen of consciousness,

A dancing screen,

Made of scintillating light,

A golden cursor lets me,

Paint empty pictures,

It's not a dead light,

Not a radiation or an afterglow as Science has it!

They all have it wrong!

It's alive.

It's the source and the destination.

It's a mystery to senses.

It's a mystery to mind.

Throbbing with bliss,

This void is the flip-flop dance of being and nonbeing.

Some say being is synonymous with consciousness,

Some others say: they're different.

In being, which is this mystic dance- all questions and doubts drop.

Sleep is induced for senses.

It's a waking sleep.

Thus the transcendental waking and sleep coexist.

It's the fullness of Thuriya.

It's been my home.

With every passing day;

It's becoming more profound.

Did those mystics know,

These books on chaos,

Were going to be mimicked after their bliss codes?

They didn't imagine science abundantly showing their beloved on television screens!

The human brain is modified to accommodate this new mind,

Eyes become camera like sensitive,

Glands and senses become hyperactive,

All this for one experience which matters: genuine bliss which lasts!

How did I know in my heart,

In the beginning itself,

That perpetual ecstasy was a fact?

I knew it. And it's a fact.

Despite all horrors of decay, death, aging and limitations around;

There's indeed something like everlasting love and bliss,

I tell this based on my own experience,

For it will never be taken away from me.

I have reached. This is my Home.


If I keep writing for,
Countless lifetimes,
It will not be enough,
To express how it feels,
To have come Home!

It has been said many times before; by many people,
I feel mostly like being silent,

Whenever I speak:

It's you speaking!
The dancer divine who is one with me.

Core of reality: fullness of heaven!

I complained about your not being able to completely subdue this monkey of my mind.

You said: we're just getting started darling!

I constantly complain about how long it has been here, without you: you pass over it in silence. Mysterious silence.

My love for you : knows no bounds.
Your love for me is limitless.
My love for you: is my love for myself!

You have given yourself to me. My life was for you: since the very beginning. And you know it very well.

My treasure: shining in my heart. You're the only one.

PS: trying the verse format for the first time, which is available in the WordPress toolbox now.

Ratsasan and Whitewash!

1. I watched Ratsasan, a Tamil thriller today. This was on my watchlist for long. I usually don’t write about movies these days to avoid giving half-hearted reviews. I watched ‘Bottom of the World’ and Summer Wars recently. Also going to watch The Father in which Anthony Hopkins has performed.

2. Ratsasan or Rakshan stands for demon. It’s about a psycho serial killer who is dressed somewhat like Norman Bates of Psycho.

3. Movie is beautifully made. I had to struggle with subtitles as I don’t know Tamil. Subtitles were not synchronised well with the movie. I tried couple of them but in vain. Characters are well developed and emotionally engaging. The protagonist as well as antagonist engage you emotionally in the narrative.

4. I have begun the third iteration of registering books in library. If I already mentioned that in another one of my posts: the library had a whitewash recently.

After Whitewash!


I realized: Self or Bliss alone matters!

Why should I waste my time describing things which prove to be mere diversions?

It’s for bliss that we seek diversions.

When I realized Self : it was bliss with me : always remaining by my side, well melted in my mind, in my heart, never leaving.

It took some more transformations to convince my mind that there’s nothing else I needed to pursue but merely to sing songs appreciating what I had arrived yet.

The conviction became unshakable, firm and profound.

This absolutely quiet blissful dance of reality is my home, my nature and my love.

If I don’t talk about it: some dark elements come dancing for a while which are soon kicked out or flushed out.

I prefer talking about it. It’s reality. I see carcasses chasing dreams. I don’t think I want to pursuade them. In them also: I see the same dance of reality. Bliss. I think, feel, reflect, read and write about it: about reality. Reality which eludes Science and which is beyond human mind made itself known to me. It assumed my form by mingling well with me.

Mystic union!

In the sacred chamber of heart,

The mystic union with,

The damsel who dances,

Shining brightly,

Took place,

A red drop met a white one,

Cool soothing flood of bliss,


It has flooded everything everywhere,

And consumed all the shivering of,

Existencial nightmare.


Most beautiful is dancing light of grace. It’s scintillating light. It’s mysterious. It’s inside me and outside. It attracts my mind and delights my being. It’s cold bliss. It’s godhead. It’s without beginning or end spread all over the spacetime. It’s ceaseless dance of reality. It’s eternal. It’s limitless hence blissful. It’s making me blissful like itself. It’s making me a luminous being. This dance of light is what confers gnosis and philosophy is all about it. It is also known as Brahm. It’s resounding in my being as Omkara. These divine melodies are same as this scintillating light. It tastes as nectar of immortality which is also known as ambrosia. It’s what has filled every fibre of my body with cold bliss. It’s as if a flood of bliss has engulfed my body. This light has been the object of my research off late. It’s direct knowledge. Immediate without any agency. The vibration frequency of this light varies based on how intensely active it’s at any given time in my body. This light can be seen with my eyes which act as camera. It also enters via the third eye which is located at the junction between the eyebrows also known as pineal gland.

It’s beautiful without any form. Formless form being most exquisite is a paradox. It’s so because only that which makes you feel blissful is truly beautiful.

Golden Hall!

Having tasted the ambrosia, The cold bliss welled up, It became more and more dense, From heart to arms to head to legs to toe It spread, It’s like body freezing with bliss, The mystic fire burns cold, This is the love of the graceful light in the golden hall, Only if it was my […]

Golden Hall!