Why do you carry a bag?

Cold Water Bottle Worth Rupees Ten!
Stone Tablet 1
Stone Tablet 2

Compare two tablets made of stone. Both of them are present in the pavilion of this stadium.

1. 14.10.09: establishment created.

2. 19/02/14: establishment released for public use.

3. There’s a record of six people in the first stone whereas a record of eight people in the second.

4. Devnagari script in both.

5. The slant is tilted towards right in the latter: it indicates a proactive approach.

6. The nickname ‘Radhe’ seems to be forcibly inserted after the name of the president of the stadium committee. This, further highlights the cramming in the second stone tablet.

7. Hence, the latter, which was created five years after the former, has more people, more proactive approach, less formality for some reason.

8. The former script has a perfectly vertical angle which indicates discipline and formality. The height of stone from the ground level is also higher than the latter.

9. There’s only one name which is common in both stones.

10. How did I get fortunate enough to reproduce images of these stones and to produce an analysis of data/script ?

11. I found a student who happens to be son of an employee in this university. As he was busy working out his assignments- I was busy comparing notes on two southern walls of this ground.

11. How do you think this data might help you? It’s not clear. If you are a subscriber to this weblog-you know why. If you want to leave the subscription: you would be helping gaia by reducing carbon emission.

1. Piglets are quarreling over who’s gonna have greater share in their mother’s milky udders. Whole psychology of mamallians and their hearts is around milky way.

2. Then there are vegans. Omnivores. Cannibals and so on. Andromeda.

3. As I was enjoying my breakfast this morning: much deserved leftovers from last night’s fiesty supper: I received a phone call from a friend. The call didn’t seem to be frantic in particular but the slipper snapped at the exact moment I was going to attend the call.

4. When we met: the soles of his feet were also hurt. Strange. After a brief while: I was in a queue for getting my slipper repaired.

5. It took me about half an hour and ten rupees to get it done. Argument for being prior to a lady in the queue who shamelessly took advantage of poor cobbler. As well!!

6. Cobbler was unabashed to ask me if I was in the business of prostitution. He insinuated that he knew many people who were in that business. Strange–how my insistence on getting proper and timely service took his mind towards prostitution as if the grim heat and humidity faded by getting lost into fairy world of his own creation. I paid him ten rupees and gradually vanished from the scene.

7. Spider: the banyan tree is a host to ants and spiders. This spider was jumping up and down all over the place like early morning’s Minimum Mota

Can you spot the spider mottled motel telamon mondane yellow

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