Why do you carry a bag?

Compare two tablets made of stone. Both of them are present in the pavilion of this stadium. 1. 14.10.09: establishment created. 2. 19/02/14: establishment released for public use. 3. There’s a record of six people in the first stone whereas a record of eight people in the second. 4. Devnagari script in both. 5. The … More Why do you carry a bag?

Morning Rituals!

1. I just read what I had written six hours ago and though I usually don’t judge myself the last post seems to have been written by a drunk and yet it was ambrosia. The nectar of immortality plus some words. 2. I practiced alternate nostril breathing and bowling in stadium. Fortunately I got some … More Morning Rituals!

United Nations World Food Programme: Free Rice: Help Alleviate The Hunger!

I just raised 26000 grains of rice on Freerice! For every answer you get right, 5 grains go to the UN World Food Programme. Play it here: https://freerice.com/apps 1. I made a few calls. 2. I heard some music by maestros. 3. I took milk, rice and pulses in lunch. I had poha for breakfast. … More United Nations World Food Programme: Free Rice: Help Alleviate The Hunger!


1. Architects . Architectonickelodian 2. I bought a lower. A red coloured one with ‘happiness’ written on it. 3. I had a cone. A softy after a recharge guy had a red and white cigarette. 4. The garbage was disposed off. 5. I am supposed to keep books for binding in the capacity of the … More Frequency!


1. There were giant bats on the Ashok tree. It has started to drizzle as we were waiting near the swing. Wings of bats were spread like canopies. Batlings were battling with drizzle drops, flying zigzag. They were not there just a few days ago. An owl and half lives there too. It’s cute. A … More Walking