1. There were giant bats on the Ashok tree. It has started to drizzle as we were waiting near the swing. Wings of bats were spread like canopies. Batlings were battling with drizzle drops, flying zigzag. They were not there just a few days ago. An owl and half lives there too. It’s cute. A bird with a crest was sitting on an iron bar. They threw their beedi and went away. The owl with white feathers on top of the white electric poll flew away as soon as it saw me coming to take a picture. I moved out of house without an umbrella. I had walked only a few blocks when drizzling became rapid and I had to go back and pick the umbrella. The umbrella has a gaping hole on the handle.

2. The rapid movement of clouds from left to right created an exquisite scenery. I took many pictures before the second tea stall. The truck kept moving slowly until it disappeared in the horizon. It was the fourth day since its accident. I saw the deaf man before the narrow passage. He was trying to tell about yesterday’s bus accident. I tried to grasp his sign language. It rained and umbrella came in handy for saving torso. The deaf man said his name was Li Ning.

3. I got a job offer yesterday evening. The timings need to be adjusted. I also need to explore another direction for an examination. The days are hectic. He will see her in a day or two.

4. She was looking at him with intrest but he had no time for her. The customs. People are enjoying good weather. He plans to have a discussion with his father.

5. The discussion about breeding is a fundamental discussion. The second hand was moving without jerk and it was time. The stuffed tomatoes were singing ginseng songs. The father is thinking about the son.

6. The dancing lord is dancing an amazing dance. I don’t pay any heed to gossips. I don’t have anything to look forward to. Nor do I have anything to look backwards. It has all been erased. The teacher came and stood on the left side.

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