Events Recently

1. The birds were chirping sweetly. Sound of a distant truck approaching gets louder. Doppler. Doppelganger. Granger. Germane mane inane anemone one two three…seven is the number of the heavenly crows on an electric wire. Buffaloes do their morning march. I convert starch into glucose. A Tupperware seller trudged on bike towards the petrol pump as its fuel unexpectedly finished before his destination. A bus got stuck in a large pit this morning as the driver couldn’t see the opening for optical fibre cable line. The bus was going to Rewa and it came from Gwalior. I had seen the cable yesterday and stopped for a while to observe it. The earthen stove of the tea stall guy was cracked by someone yesterday night. He would take help of the CCTV footage to find the culprit. The Baba Shree truck which had toppled is back on track but still needs repairing. It has been here for three days. A tram passed by with a harsh sound. A kid was kidnapped yesterday and discovered. The case was reported by one of my students as it was in his neighborhood. The kidnapper was a young man whose family worked for the afflicted family for a long time. It might seem strange but my student repeatedly used the word “slavery.” He said that one family was slave of the other and it might be true but as far as I know slavery has been abolished. Django Unchained. Quentin tarantino tintinnabulation. We are not slaves of government or aristocrats. The black commando can’t beat us at their whim. They can’t invent new diseases nor can they keep you inside houses or force you to subscribe the dish TV which feeds the nation state hate stories or religious political propaganda. Our right is protected by the international law.

2. Yellow butterfly. I took the phone out of my pocket and a dog started following me with the hope of getting something to eat. The prompt tea stall number one guy is an alert admirable old man who opens early every day and gives you a ginger tea. He had spotted me and was waiting with five rupees jeera biscuit and tea. Ah, what more courtesy did I need? I was floored. I didn’t take any pictures before a certain place because there were way too many people. It was too crowded but still I took some.

3. There was a drove of cattle on road. I drove them away as drivers had difficulty. They kept coming back because they were fond of sitting on road. Accident which happened yesterday was reported to have happened because of one such drove. The cable guys today could also have put a sign board saying that there was “work in progress” and it would have saved the trouble. A bike slipped yesterday on the road which connects the main road to the colony I live in. The cable work. The road inside is narrow. People encroached the public land. Everyone took just a few feet and it was supposed to make them happier. Walking on road is difficult now as four wheelers, bikers, tractors and pedestrians all have to walk on a merely twelve feet wide street together. Don’t even talk about the bazaar. The people would say they are happy for their choices. This is life. Minus an exit like euthanasia. You could be referred to BMC Sagar for Corona where you surreptitiously disappear. They would say I am paranoid and have a negative view about life but would never explain how a 20 feet road inside the colony became a 12 feet road. I am the greedy one for heaven’s sake who has taken all the internet space. All the bandwidth and all the smartphones in the world. I sure eat like pigs with an income of less than 3000 rupees per month. I applied for a PAN card and it was a private company. Like Musaddi Lal of Office Office fame I have been there four times. Ah, but these are difficult times and private companies are also acting up like government ones. They create big schemes and then people stand in queues chanting names of yashasvi(famed) ministers. We are droves of cattle, please drive us dear Pashupatinath, in the divine form of greatest among the leaders of all galaxies and systems. All the newly printed currency notes are given to us at the banks.

4. Bikers were busy doing some ritual yesterday. A lemon on my walk. I belong to none and to all but those who don’t know what it means to be human take pride in a few customs as much as to consistently pursue you for this goal or that. I was given a coin which had 125th birth anniversary of Nehru printed on it, I gave it to the old lady who made a nice ginger tea. The morning has already been eventful. The news about the toppled truck was not published in the local newspaper. This tells me about how much information reaches you on an average day. Dragonflies. Dragon fly. I saw neptunian, foggy and dreamlike mount hidden in the divine fog. I was wondering about the neverbefore seen mist. The adept. The alchemist. I was walking on a road laid by humans. The life. Divine beauty. Enraptures. Resplendent Sun looked like it was taking a dip into a pool of clouds. In the center of the road there was a tree. The tea stall guy starts cursing the vandals. Yesterday morning his bike’s tyre also got pictured.

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