Der Name Der Ball!

1. The future is Now. It’s what was written on the shirt of the kid who was born in Wales in his previous incarnation but now he was walking before me with a cautious gait. “Daring to live the future Now: ” It’s what the part of the tagline of the book “Walk Out Walk … More Der Name Der Ball!

Events Recently

1. The birds were chirping sweetly. Sound of a distant truck approaching gets louder. Doppler. Doppelganger. Granger. Germane mane inane anemone one two three…seven is the number of the heavenly crows on an electric wire. Buffaloes do their morning march. I convert starch into glucose. A Tupperware seller trudged on bike towards the petrol pump … More Events Recently

Events Horizon!

It rained. The fog on the mountains nearby is the most captivating sight. The roads look bathed. Drenched mules were trying to procreate. The scenery before the rain and during a thunderstorm is better than after rain. But this region welcomes any and all rains. I am happy to see farmers relieved. The rain left … More Events Horizon!


A stench of carrion enters my nostrils. It rises up from the depths, and the thick fog of the Seine, which has been swirled up by the mistral, mingles with it. A murder of crows has been feasting on the dead body of the piglet. The wolf, which is still in the den, moves his … More Events