Events Horizon!

It rained. The fog on the mountains nearby is the most captivating sight. The roads look bathed. Drenched mules were trying to procreate. The scenery before the rain and during a thunderstorm is better than after rain. But this region welcomes any and all rains. I am happy to see farmers relieved. The rain left the clouds, but the fog stayed.

2. The fog is mysterious. Mystery is a class of beauty which is exquisite engagement of mind. A harmony beyond. The mystery of fog is the manifestation of the song of the land

. 3. I was studying faces. There are those who chew gutka and spit incessantly making spots topos sapota saponified personified edified. There are those who take pride in their gait. Then there are those who look curiously at you. No matter how many times you walk on the same streets : you find new faces. No matter how many times you photograph the same places: they are novel with new details. Same with the themes: that’s why I never understand people engaged in the miserable business of trying to pinpoint people for plagiarism unless there are shameless copycats. Let dead past bury its dead. “But it’s a tremendous amount of work, you know!”

4. I met an octagenarian on a tea stall. He started talking about “cross breeding.” It was clear he was a puritan. But instead of talking about helping others or educating masses to help reduce the population: he was talking about the upper castes copulating with lower castes and creating degeneration. Such progenies elope. They create the diseases like Corona: he said proudly refering to the tale of Ramayana. Humans are ignorant. Natural selection by Darwin might be wrong but you need to be a Genghis Khan: a rare Butcher to inseminate a significant amount of degeneration. I find the women from the yellow races more attractive than the rest. Is it the DNA of Genghis Khan or the devil has gotten hold of me? The conviction with which old people voice their opinions makes them an interesting study. Its basic human instinct is to want to procreate.

5. Another small accident. Such incidents must be normal in the rainy season but I was not walking outskirts before. The contract owners for broadening the highway or creating a connection to the bypass have shown two mishaps within the fortnight. I wonder if they blocked the way knowingly by creating an accident because they knew that the temporary diversion might flow in the rains once again like last time. The government will create an elevated road to finally alleviate the ongoing problem.

. 6. The way is to create events which don’t evolve around you or your family. Being a witness without taking sides. This is the worship of the dancing light of Grace. I waited for the rain to stop before moving out but it was drizzling so I kept an umbrella with me. At the moment when I was walking towards the park, I saw a tiny umbrella like a child holding it and dragging it along the ground, past the drain with the big fish.

7. Beyond painting scenery and mysterious words which mean nothing what else do you write about? He asked. “If we don’t talk about something else,” I said

. 8. I write about movies I watch. I suspect that I am becoming more like my teachers and it’s partly to support my sustenance. I find I was much swift in mastering Grammar and Calculus and did it on my own mostly to retain it even after two decades. But I wasn’t smart enough to invent a time machine or cloak of invisibility. I have travelled in time but it was accidentally. Not anymore useful than a good dream which happens on its own. But I think I have become more creative about writing for the last couple of decades. The last two movies I was trying to watch made me sleepy. I would try to get back to them.

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