Anjana Doodh Dairy!

Anjana Doodh Dairy is a shop located on Jawahar Panna road near Ambedkar statue opposite to Ambi Wine Shop. It sells dairy products. The name is a Hindi name. Anjana means Unknown. Ranjana means without imagination. Jana means people. Imagination is related to people who can imagine. Doodh stands for milk. Cow, buffalo and goat … More Anjana Doodh Dairy!

The Trip to Chita!

1. Articles 13 and 14 of constitution of India. Equality before law and exemption from certain laws in special cases(ex: article 31) 2. I went on a trip. The plan was to watch a football match in the local stadium. A tournament. Something else happened. There were some kids in the nets. There used to … More The Trip to Chita!

Mystic journey!

My significant other is The mystic dancer, It has no other! It’s the only one. It’s the blissful experience, Agent; experiencing and its result, It’s an eternal mystery. Unresolved, Ineffable, Fathomless, There’s nothing which transcends it. Though it’s true; I long for this human journey to end, With greater and greater intensity, Every passing day– … More Mystic journey!

Dancing Feet!

My beloved, Is truth, Freedom, And bliss! Her dancing feet, Know no rest, They produce the most sublime music, Which is resounding in my being.

Moth and Flame!

Am I a moth in the flame? Or flame in a moth? Or both? The same, A form and a name, A game, As the moth, I am burning with bliss, Can’t wait this eon of mothship to sink, In the blink of cosmic eye, Can’t be truly a moth, Or even a semi awakened … More Moth and Flame!


Neither you use the dance, Nor the dance, Uses you. You become the dance, The dance becomes you. Rest drops. The dropped rest, Had utilitarian projects, Socialist republic, But no fruition. The dance is the fruition. Use or another object is foreign to its Unique nondual rest.

The Dance!

1. After a bit of chat: in the library where they’re doing the final bits of rehearsal as they are going to present the act day after tomorrow. 2. I have drank the whole sky. I keep drinking it. Day in and day out, The new skies keep appearing, The thirst becomes even more intense, … More The Dance!

Dancing Mosquitoes!

1. Birds are returning to their nests. Some mosquito dance nearby. Sounds of prayers from nearby mosque. I had some fruits to eat-ones which were lying below the tree in a remote corner. It had rained last evening. 2. Some dogs accompanied me on this walk. I am not indispensable in any of the processes … More Dancing Mosquitoes!

Another Tohu!

1. A newborn piebald puppy is playing with its black mother. I am at Bundelkhand Gaushala Nowgong, Chhatarpur since last two and half hours. I witnessed making of Shivansh compost which has been a routine for me in last month or so. I even participated in turning in some of them. 2. I took rest … More Another Tohu!