Accidents were all orchestrated!

1. If every passing stage seems like a world of possibilities: you have lived enough. I took picture of the Surya Namaskar postures as I was returning from library. 2. If you count from the left: it’s 6th. If you count from right it’s 7th. 3. Service is the only resolution: is the motto of … More Accidents were all orchestrated!


1. Chutki is used for jokeful remark in Hindi but for me it means peppermint mixture made and packaged in Delhi crows are singing ginseng songs. Gingerly gingerly I say unto thee: a bike slowed down. They had a man in the middle who laughed devilishly as it looked at me. The idea was either … More Sacrifice

Events Horizon!

It rained. The fog on the mountains nearby is the most captivating sight. The roads look bathed. Drenched mules were trying to procreate. The scenery before the rain and during a thunderstorm is better than after rain. But this region welcomes any and all rains. I am happy to see farmers relieved. The rain left … More Events Horizon!