Warily warily lyrically calculably!

1. I had a tea. I can hear horns from vehicles passing by. Though I need a chador in night it’s slightly hot in noon these days. Bearable. A guy from a nearby town came to our hospital.

2. I can only have a quickie as there will be students soon. One of these skipped class today, other skipped it yesterday and another skipped it the day before : the change in seasons affects immunity of people. I need to finish my homework before the students arrive.

3. Crows are cawing. I saw a stone on my way out. It commemorates the 1972 surrender of Chambal dacoits. I read the word “baagi” for dacoit. It’s a word which means ‘rebel.’ It also sounds like one used by the mystic poet Kabir; for callers for prayers. Baagi might also sound like gardners or garden visitors as gardens are called “baag” in Hindustani. It was written by the British censor.

4. I took the picture of a bull who was calmly grazing as vehicles were passing. There have been couple of transfers and they were making an inland empire of it. Sum of epiphany. Mosquitoes still bite you. People still spit gutka. You need to work hard for a day’s food. I had a chance to work with Madhuri Dixit.

5. What the heavens are you talking about? Maybe it’s because I am a writer.

6. I never understood why would people keep pets and boast about it. In most of the cases: it informs me that they are pathetic and lonely. They have hoarded money but lost lives to gluttony. Even more degrading are those who boast of having kept humans as pets. They are wretched. Just because you have a piece of land and paper and you have been here for two minutes longer than me: you pretend as if you own the nature. Which you do if you don’t need to pretend but not now because you have not tasted the spirit. And only from that time you are able to understand the wonderful things that nature has to offer.

6. Further details about the car accident: it happened yesterday about seven and the driver was drunk though it was only partially his mistake.

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