1. Chutki is used for jokeful remark in Hindi but for me it means peppermint mixture made and packaged in Delhi crows are singing ginseng songs. Gingerly gingerly I say unto thee: a bike slowed down. They had a man in the middle who laughed devilishly as it looked at me. The idea was either to heal me or to get their guy healed. Clearly I didn’t go to them so they might think I am a shaman as I exhibit consistency in certain routines. I don’t want to get into a discussion about the nature of the relationship between the two subjects, but it is evident that I have a lot of work to do.

2. The vice president of the village was waiting for me to salute him. It’s evident in the manner the event of theft was brought into my attention. Something else was made into something else. There never was any Corona. Now it’s absolutely clear that it’s a hoax to control populace when you’re on verge of 5G and revelation that AI is synonymous with Godhead. Now Wachowski brothers will be worshipped instead of Christ as they had foretold what twenty first century was going to be like. I haven’t seen any death by Corona in my neighborhood. None in my family or relatives. It’s not that I want to see them all dead because it’s not a Buddhist game where you’re supposed to be alone in the centre of empty universe which you repopulate. I can escape and it’s enough. I’ve got some money for myself.

3. The mysterious aspect of godhead vested in the government uses media and police both as limbs. The more you know more you’re worth. That sacrifice is a must: is an open secret but it’s not the manner in which it’s done. Why animal sacrifices result in rains? I almost always smell dead animals when it’s raining. The ancient gods are fond of sacrifices. Did Buddha fail here in India? He enlightened you to learn that sacrifice means interdependence of all phenomenon. Coexistence means leaving your place when it’s time for others to take it. But attachment to something prevents you from seeing the flux. Hence the corruption. Space is infinite. Time is infinite. There is no death and yet there’s is this game by the matrix : to scare people of death and aging and disease. I am out of here! The matrix is a process of “we are”.

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