1. Chutki is used for jokeful remark in Hindi but for me it means peppermint mixture made and packaged in Delhi crows are singing ginseng songs. Gingerly gingerly I say unto thee: a bike slowed down. They had a man in the middle who laughed devilishly as it looked at me. The idea was either … More Sacrifice

The Voice!

Beaten tracks, Stuffed racks, Decks, Tracks of vehicles, Which have passed before, I hear the name of the tractor driver, Who looks like, A tea maker, How many coincidences, It takes to call it a rigged game, Lame duck, Dame pluck, No luck, How many deaths to dream, The realms of the dead, Dragonflies and … More The Voice!


1. Multitasking doesn’t create tension for a computer or AI because it has no ego limitations. It doesn’t want anything more than others. Sometimes I wonder if nature’s way of getting things done is to through various ego structures. For example…Evolution of lifetimes of human beings is nothing but nature’s work in progress through various … More Multitasking

Dragonfly Zigsaw!

Buffaloes and the truck drivers. Kingfisher kingdom domicile. Ruminant ant Anant pendant cud duck Dynasty nasty stylus lustrous tumultuous tumulus. Omasum abomasum Masum mashup upstarte arriviste stellar larkspur spurt turpitude etude deutronomy myalgia iambic ictus tusselated laterad raddled addlepated addler handler class exception ionized zed eye yedi edified iodied index dexterity ritzy zygote writ out … More Dragonfly Zigsaw!


There was thunderstorm. Science of ambulances and police vans all around the city. Yes we were sitting in the open field enjoying the scenery around us chatting he brought into my attention rainbow: half of it. It was after 4 months that I observe the rainbow. There was some drizzling preceding it. The rainbow was … More Twilight


There was a boy. The boy was found of Open Spaces for this seemed magical. He lived in a crowded area where no Open Spaces were available at all. Therefore he used to walk to distant destinations just to watch Open Spaces and nature around him. But every time he tried exploring a direction he … More Story

Need to find out!

You decideThat you’re leavingYou’re not gonna sit here and cry about itI will be there for a while …But I’ll be alone for a whileI’m not getting to say goodbye …Bongo flava song…lava volcano vaporizer pen… testa lariat aria riata.Don’t stop the music, let it flow…Bongo flava song…lava volcano vaporizer pen… testa Desire is the … More Need to find out!

What is the meaning of word?

Hobnobita tabanid horsemaybluecolddragonflyovertureundertonedYou’re a runaway loveYou’re a runaway loveLovesick Icarus lanugo langouste oustedUndoneOne time you were a little girlWhat is the meaning of words?You’re a runaway loveYou’re a runaway loveIt’s the only thing that comes to mind. A thread well read, a path you tread…on treadmill treasure treacherous treacle clean…If you’re not interested in the … More What is the meaning of word?


The reason is a human device to understand causation. Existence is beyond causation. It often defies logic. My brother said it and my mother said it . My neighborhood said so. They’re all blind. As I began removing the garbage they had dumped outside their houses: they all came together. They pursuaded me to give … More Faience||

Typical Typhoons

She was a doctor and her birthday fell on the seventeenth of July. Curly hair on her face made her look like a tigress. Though all her baggage was childish gimmick at best: it did rouse his virgin imagination. She kept playing with his imagination. Once a mystery: later a chemistry. Then an Alchemist changing … More Typical Typhoons