Dragonfly Zigsaw!

Buffaloes and the truck drivers. Kingfisher kingdom domicile. Ruminant ant Anant pendant cud duck Dynasty nasty stylus lustrous tumultuous tumulus. Omasum abomasum Masum mashup upstarte arriviste stellar larkspur spurt turpitude etude deutronomy myalgia iambic ictus tusselated laterad raddled addlepated addler handler class exception ionized zed eye yedi edified iodied index dexterity ritzy zygote writ out of bound victuals underground redound !

2. We finished reading Anton Chekhov’s “The Beggar.” The story might have been written more than a century ago but it still has great appeal to humane emotions.

3. The big reveal was the positive transformation caused by the cook Olga who had a great character. Towards the climax, the positive changes were coming but the causes were revealed to be more than immediate mercy of Sergei. It’s a masterpiece.

4. Buffaloes. The milk of cows is more nutritious than that of buffaloes but the latter is costlier than the former. However, ghee of cow is much more costlier than that of buffalo’s.

5. I wonder sometimes: why do I see so few stories written about bloggers and gamers? I think it’s quite evident that akin to the inspiration for stories, the settings for them don’t take current routine lives into account as much as some visual medias do. I think there’s a reason for regressive inspiration mode in case of desktop/Android/iPhone publishers.

6. About 8 dogs entered into the Shiva temple. There were 11 crows on an electric wire, opposite to which there was a graffiti with cartoon characters. I am sure: it takes a month or two to walk on these highways to be able to convince yourself: it’s not a crime. It’s also not a crime to take pictures and talk to strangers. But some customs are strange especially when people are merely waiting for an excuse to die. A man in a black shirt was delirious and escorted on a bike by another. Perhaps he was ill. Which dendrites rites of passage sage way wayward warden telon melon loaned denim minions selling onion lingas. I watched “only the animals,” a French movie for an hour before I was so bored with it that I had to stop. Real life events seem more interesting than movies these days. I can’t recall a movie which was interesting in last few months. Which was the last movie that impressed me? I am unable to recall.

7. Dragon’s tail is in the glass. Ouroboros is in the class. Act is ectomorphic. Hicks. Hanged man Uranus. Regulus. Sun is playing hide and seek with clouds. A toddler laughs as its siblings frolic with a white furry pup. Body of a dragonfly is dragged along the cement road by wind and the patches on it look like pieces on a jigsaw puzzle. Zigzag ziggurat ratbaggery philomel rye eerie Apothecary carry on carrion caryatid odalisque seraglio lionized zed eyes winged Angel gell well.

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