The Forest of Sonder!

You find yourself in a field where you neither know nor not know. You know what I am talking about? It’s not easy to understand. Because we think we either know or we don’t. We always think in black and white terms. It’s not black and white. Knowing is to remove all discomfort. You feel … More The Forest of Sonder!

Onion roots!

Three of them were sowing onion roots in the field. Eastern side near cowshed. I needed cudgel. I asked them if it was the season. They confirmed. How do we keep getting onions whole year then? Those are Kaanpuri. They answered. Obviously, they come from stores. One of the ladies tied a heavy bunch of … More Onion roots!

Cosmic central Sun…alignment to Shishumara begins!

1. Julian day: 2459176. 7. Venus. Seth. 2. 22.11.2020: symmetry. Beauty of numbers. 3. Uranus rules the day. Quirk. South node of Moon which is placed in Aquarius is placed in the sign of Scorpion. The root comes out to be 2053 or 28 or 10: Sefer Yetzirah. Binary. The first order triggers a time … More Cosmic central Sun…alignment to Shishumara begins!

The Noon

1. A crow is cawing. A squirrel is running. There is a layer of clouds in the sky. A dragonfly flies. 2. I took some waterballs and a tea. A woman joined in saying that onion is cheap these days. The waterballs guy was busy playing ludo online albeit his companion kept making noise until … More The Noon

Tohu Minus Shit Hit Wickets Fan An Anschluss!

1. Enter Pandit { background music plays. Acharya Rajnish : pandit, purohit aur raajneta ; manushya ki aatma ke shoshak ( pundit, priests and politicians exploit free human spirit.) But sire: thou art also one politician. Remains to be seen on another planet. Shut up Zorba zorbing orb Bing . Dah! Khokar khokho kholi holi … More Tohu Minus Shit Hit Wickets Fan An Anschluss!


1. Today there were two of them. One was sitting on earth and the other on a branch. Seeing me, they flew to a branch, looking curiously at me as I drew out the phone to capture their image. I think you can spot them easily in this picture though I had to zoom out … More Owls

Don’t Take Sides!

1. It’s a strange notion. But I have expressed it more than once. What if, the biggest illusion woven by the mother matrix was patriarchy? 2. Gurdjieff told about hierarchies in his strange tales. But you need to grasp the icons. 3. Queen of the british kingdom or Moon which represents feminine care giving or … More Don’t Take Sides!


1. The weather is pleasant this morning. A truck horns. A horny cow chases a bull, a crane sings, and I observe the patchwork which was done yesterday, after the traffic was stuck for a few hours here. It was the second time in a month and half. I had postponed the visit to the … More Tilt

Eyes Wide Open

1. The parrots were feeding on the same ground where I had uprooted carrot grass as my first field exercise two years ago. It drizzled as I was walking and then as I was taking the class. I had a tea and water balls. 2. The black moth is flying. I sometimes think: when I … More Eyes Wide Open