Don’t Take Sides!

1. It’s a strange notion. But I have expressed it more than once. What if, the biggest illusion woven by the mother matrix was patriarchy?

2. Gurdjieff told about hierarchies in his strange tales. But you need to grasp the icons.

3. Queen of the british kingdom or Moon which represents feminine care giving or hot Venus which is made up to be an exquisite beauty queen: bees do have queen and not king.

4. What if all women were born with clairvoyant powers and women empowerment was a fake movement like all fake news about the crime against women being on rise?

5. What if matrix used all women, all along with all leaders to merely draw out all the life force for the maintenance of the solar system?

6. If: any of it’s true : you might have been systematically poisoned. You are neither male nor female. Move out of the matrix. Don’t take sides.

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