Komatsu Dragon Spits

1. It’s not a problem. It’s only a narration of an event. I was listening to the morning news near a Komatsu road roller which has skating wheels. I was thinking whether it’s a story or a narration. 2. When, I saw the driver approaching the vehicle. He was brushing. The driver was brushing the … More Komatsu Dragon Spits

Don’t Take Sides!

1. It’s a strange notion. But I have expressed it more than once. What if, the biggest illusion woven by the mother matrix was patriarchy? 2. Gurdjieff told about hierarchies in his strange tales. But you need to grasp the icons. 3. Queen of the british kingdom or Moon which represents feminine care giving or … More Don’t Take Sides!


1. Two birds on wire were nuzzling each other. A buffalo was singing a song in a strange voice. The Sun shone brightly and there were no rainbows. 2. There was a bus without any passengers or staff, parked just about a hundred metres away from the pipe where the truck had toppled. I feel … More Art

Events Recently

1. The birds were chirping sweetly. Sound of a distant truck approaching gets louder. Doppler. Doppelganger. Granger. Germane mane inane anemone one two three…seven is the number of the heavenly crows on an electric wire. Buffaloes do their morning march. I convert starch into glucose. A Tupperware seller trudged on bike towards the petrol pump … More Events Recently