Komatsu Dragon Spits

1. It’s not a problem. It’s only a narration of an event. I was listening to the morning news near a Komatsu road roller which has skating wheels. I was thinking whether it’s a story or a narration.

2. When, I saw the driver approaching the vehicle. He was brushing. The driver was brushing the tire of the road roller.

3. On my way back from the tea stall: a guy with a stick in hand was chasing a cow. I saw the guy as I was passing by the Komatsu road roller which had been parked.

4. A driver was waiting for me to approach. He spit on ground. For the reason that I had been standing near the road roller. What did he not like? Did I do something illegal? No. Not as far as I know. I told him that I had not done anything.

5. Maybe he didn’t like my face. My presence. My attire. My walking style. It’s not for the first time I have seen couple of people spitting on road. They belong to Ku Klux Klan. The Saracen foundary established a pillar in Gandhi Smarak Bhavan garden. She is the daughter of M.S. Khurana, ex-Chief Secretary of Jammu & Kashmir.

Hard at work eh?

6. A bespectacled lady was doing round on a bike . She was learning to drive. The second lady was the intriguing case. Not the first one. The epitome of hounds becoming Baskerville basketballs was seen here. Do they expect me to be unreasonable to the hierarchical structure? They shouldn’t. I’ll simply let their arrogance turn them into the nimbus.

7. The black insect is called ghamra. A bird called Ghenga picked it up and flew away while my interlocutor was saying that birds don’t eat its kind.

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