Drizzle well

1. It’s drizzling. It has been since I stepped out of my house this morning. I didn’t take an umbrella with me. I sat down to watch the drizzle.

2. Under the neem tree. After taking a piss. Carefree. I sat on a piece of wood beneath the neem tree.

3. Freedom is my domicile. I’d rather sleep under a neem tree than in a house.

4. Kingfisher had company yesterday. All three of them did amazing somersaults. It filled my heart with joy! The kingfisher and Kingfisher perform the same act.

5. Parasite gulls are singing in the right ear of a cow. A host which lets them eat bugs. Nightingales are singing gingerly surly curly lyrically calculadora In every house there are wooden dolls.

6. Flies didn’t disturb today, though there was smell of rotting carrion of animals at couple of places. The beauty of the day is that the sounds of birds were far more sweet than the songs of nightingales.

7. laces of shoes I don’t need to tie. Because I don’t wear them. I don’t fear them pets which run at me because heedless owners carry them carelessly. It is because of you that I am so free and unconstrained.

8. The good news is: the baby owls are back. I saw a cat who was about to enter a house. It crossed my path and went towards left. Neem tree sings with me. Meme taxeme raceme meme. Mimetic tic tax toe nailed deleterious snail ailments gone one and only lyrically calculable ally The night is longer than I thought.

9. It was indeed. I wrote a good deal in 2015. The idea was to help others and oneself. The idea was impractical. It was the workshop which started in August and ended in September. The fifth of September reminds me of another heavy rains. I promised myself to get luxuries if I continued journaling. For it was material goods which do measure upto your advancement. Look how well I have done in a decade and half. My freedom is less than that of high school kids. I took a wrong turn somewhere without being aware of it. Or I say so because this is what someone somewhere would love to hear. Instead of: I am alpha beta gamma omega fatty acids tycoon cocoon croon noon on and on onion monsoon jejune junebug bugsbunny ninny etcetera que Serra serta seraglio oily lyre realtor torpor porous Susurrus omnibus succubus busted stead. Might as well be somebody else

10. Simha is the yoni of the Kaal purusha. I saw the cat who is aunt of the lion so it does make up as a sign. It is a myth. But it has been said that:

11. I think Sinha as a surname began as a modification of Simha. Lion is the only animal which has created so many surnames. Come to think of it: Shri Lankan people call themselves Singhalese. Singapore. I have heard that Bengali people settled first over there a long ago and they had simha as surname. So I think it might have been a Sanskrit word for the lion’s strength.

12. Other than lion the animal which has most used name us Ram. It’s because of the constellation Ramses. Like the constellation Regulus which governs the month of August and Simha is the animal. These are archetype symbols for studying collective consciousness. Which indicates that it is a collective animal consciousness that allows people to create mythology.

13. There are many cows grazing in the field. Owls have been singing Inglenook and cranny. The movie was a pathetic piece of work with ominous music which might make you vomit. So much for the art these days. You know what, go ahead and say it, you know I’m right.

14. I would rather watch a Hitchcock than bitch about some cock parking before the light house anyday. Whatever happened to baby Cane reerencing him or her in every other shot. He was a chubby sweet old man and you know what, [continues about the same two lines]

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