1. The weather is pleasant this morning. A truck horns. A horny cow chases a bull, a crane sings, and I observe the patchwork which was done yesterday, after the traffic was stuck for a few hours here. It was the second time in a month and half. I had postponed the visit to the railway tracks until winter but yesterday I was compelled because of the overflowing rains. It was a most astoundingly beautiful mystique. One which can neither be captured by a camera nor be expressed in words. A goat is singing a song. I have heard thousands of songs from warbling birds, insects, frogs and peacocks since yesterday.

2. The man who offered me the lift yesterday was the man who met me on the second tea stall. He told he is a sand distributor. Not a coincidence and he wanted to know my whereabouts. I heard two milk men saying something related which meant they were in on it too.

3. Thanks to rains yesterday I could finish watching the movie. Strangers are indeed acting up strange lately which is not new to me. A couple passes by and some vehicles. The poll sign for national highway was more tilted towards right this morning. Something which you couldn’t have failed to notice.

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