Morning it rained…

1. It’s a quiet morning. I heard news and started writing. I hear a sweet bird, frogs and crickets. A black bull is calmly strolling on the highway. The vehicles keep passing. It has been raining since morning. There were a few people on my way to here. I am sitting under the umbrella on a piece of plastic chair under neem tree.

2. The suicide versus murder case coverage has taken too much time simply because media has no other issues to report. A person commits suicide and it’s being investigated. Why do you report it on a day to day basis. Is it as important as people recovering from cold and cough everyday? Or is it as important as someone dying from a disease which has been reinvented and repackaged? What the heavens am I talking about? I really have no clue here.

3. A kid on bike came. I asked him to go and take shelter at the tea stall nearby. I also took shelter there couple of times. I didn’t go today because it was not necessary. Until it became so. It kept raining cat and dogs as I watched a movie about crop circles.

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