Sudarshan Paliwal!

1. I can’t follow your blog at present. Thanks for your presence and enthusiasm. It was after a long time spent on WordPress and Blogger : I realized that ‘a like for a like’ and ‘a follow for a follow’ takes too much toll on you in the long run. The blogging relationship remains ‘skin … More Sudarshan Paliwal!


1. The weather is pleasant this morning. A truck horns. A horny cow chases a bull, a crane sings, and I observe the patchwork which was done yesterday, after the traffic was stuck for a few hours here. It was the second time in a month and half. I had postponed the visit to the … More Tilt

Blue tooth

My days of running after pussy cats were over when she appreciated my handwriting. I don’t know if it was about my having decided to not see her again. She was a hard worker. An abusive relationship instilled in her this indomitable spirit of fair play and hardworking. Funny world. The bitter works like a … More Blue tooth