1. Today there were two of them. One was sitting on earth and the other on a branch. Seeing me, they flew to a branch, looking curiously at me as I drew out the phone to capture their image. I think you can spot them easily in this picture though I had to zoom out fully in order to take it. The two were not a pair of young birds but an eagle and a hawk.

2. Goddess Laxmi who confers prosperity has owl as vehicle as per the myth. Mollock worship is well documented in western rituals. My net worth right now is 55 rupees and it was 5:55 AM when I took the shot. I see, there is a vehicle in the temple, but it is the temple god’s own vehicle, not an ordinary one like the temple carriage.

3. A crow, a sparrow and a flock of birds flying towards East. They all sing. My net worth could have been more if it was not for the sudden lucky draw in which the father of one of my students invested 2500 rupees. He said their power supply was cut because they couldn’t pay the bill. He was also waiting to get admission in his school for lack of funds. The other student is waiting to get enough money to buy a mobile phone without which his online classes can’t continue. The one who lost the bet is waiting to get back his money and he is a very honest boy.

4. The Sun is rising gradually. Taxi passes with a song. A bull is laying lazily whereas a red dragonfly was dead. A crane has begun to sing a song. Kingfishers are having their heydays as ample amount of food is available. Yesterday, I spotted at least six to seven of them. A family of seven red-breasted robins are chirping a song.

5. Here you’ve date trees, eucalyptus trees, shrubs and mango trees and many many electric polls. I started earlier today and the quiet dark walk until the second tea stall which was yet not opened was mostly me and my thoughts. I was glad that I did this because I was not hungry and I did not intend to buy anything.

6. The wrappers of the peppermint mixtures lay here. Reminding me of past few weeks. My life at present was somehow more mature.

7. I would continue to write until it is time for the news. Then I would stop. I would sit down on a bench nearby.

8. And enjoy morning tea with snacks. It would be the second tea. You might say I am addicted to tea but actually it’s the sugar which gives me energy to continue through the day. The habit is so ingrained in my body that whenever I am on a long journey I carry a flask of tea with me.

9. No, I don’t. I prefer tea stalls. It’s quiet here and I can sit and enjoy tea without a lot of bother.

10. You see many types of characters on tea stalls and they inspire you to write better stories. I would love to know about their stories and if they have any interesting settings.

11. One of them talks nonsense but it’s a funny kind of nonsense better than sensical talk of so called mature people. Most so called wise people talk about money or nationalism. Younger ones talk about women. You won’t find people talking about time travel on tea stalls and somehow if they do, they would most certainly be cigarette smokers who have watched couple of dozens of pirated hollywood flicks. So, what kind of stories do you write?

12. I have traveled in time. I have yet to meet another who says so. Leave alone meeting one who can travel at will. I have not met such a one anywhere else in the world.

13. Today is Monday, ruled by the Moon. Synchronicity has it: the north and south nodes of moon rule the day. The last day of the month. August ends. The south node of the Moon rules August.

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