Bushes and Clouds!

A man in a white bushirt walks on the railway tracks.

He has a carry bag in his right hand.

Dust clouds as vehicles pass by.

Another man is waiting for him at the signal.

I exchanged the stick I was carrying.

Music of spheres!

Birds chirping.

A black bird perches down, another frolics, doing gymnastics in air,

A big white cloud is flying towards the North,

A beautiful butterfly flies in circles,

Dragonflies create amazing patterns

They have couple of flaps for wings on either sides,

Another tractor and another bike,

I could never understand why people talk on phones or to cotravellers when on road.

I can breathe deep for now,

The air is fresh,

I have this solitude to cherish,

To walk on railway tracks is difficult,

You can not look around,

Can’t look at the sky,

Each step has to be equal in measure,

It is better to walk below the tracks.


I saw a dead dark green snake laying on road today,

It was akin to one seen yesterday,

At another spot.

It seems the young brown dog has gone back on its tail wagging as it was barking playfully with its daddy.

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