Gymnashium Hall Graffiti Artwork and Badminton Hall!

1. 2. 3. 5. Scramble to Tohu Bobeliskedaddlensecartistellarkspurrupturedragonefalonesomelilotteryearlyricallyricsverisimilitudetudensenescenescafelinestedoughnutsimsumomottomorrowlandslidingdongimcracknowledgedifyinyangularrastafariambicicinephilentillemmingsinequanoneplusciousuventriloquistellarmageddonodonetzahamartiaitologyrationsymposiumlautahaitiaranschulussulcustardentistrystingebranskierkegaardingdongingerlyricallyouratrulyosemitenationalparkhourenaissancesernoumwnonplusseducatorporangenesinaouciantennamesakeynotenebrifictionoiaomeshugameplangentomologiaticsudorificsaltarampikentrancementationoisomentionotohonourablangoliersunstrokeivolublensemihemidemibriefiefdomicileibnizomatonightincturentouragerrymeanderinglenookierkegaardoodlespalierratamarindousingularitzygotenetcstintegermannahampshirevierrabbinnuwndodderingulchravinepsilonethomascotterieuphonyayaverisimilitudetudeitypecasteriskyleitmotiffinnishowbiz 6. Tohu means Chaos.

Six Pyramids!

Six pyramids,Three big and three small,Vast azure sky,Some cotton clouds;The explorer,Mounted on a brown saddle,On a camel has reigns in his hands,Sun is behind his back and his shadow ahead,No other persons are in sight,It has been long since he left his village,On this arduous journey,In pursuit of something he valued,With a white turban on … More Six Pyramids!


This is love.This is bliss.This is peace.The transcendental bliss supreme in which nothing is lacking.Nothing remains to be gained.All goals are achieved in future.Falling of body or getting a new divine body or transfiguration suggest a future where something more fulfilling will replace the current situation.No matter what I do or where I go: this … More Effort!


In this cosmic adventure,I took driver’s seat,I rode the waves of mind,Took its reins and made it a friend,I subdued pride and ego,A subtle current which kept building-on as I witnessed it arose and,Took my ride to the shore.I rejoiced with my only companion which is love.I found peace.My flight was bliss and freedom.

The Codex of Bliss!

I am reading,From a codex of bliss;A song never before read.It’s both means and the end.It’s formless beauty,Matchless form.When pain, doubt and despair,Tried to overpower me,I wondered if my experience was real;I returned to this profound,Abode of bliss,The Absolute harmony,Ineffable bounty,Mystery of life,Essence which dreams,I realized that suffering,Was merely a passing shadow,The eternal song of … More The Codex of Bliss!

Joy Supreme!

Without any beginning, End or middle, It’s beginning, end and middle of everything. It has no proof, It’s proof of everything. This genuine blissful experience, Is purpose of life. The golden hall is condensed energy, The hall of gnosis is sparse energy, The mystic dance is joy supreme.

The Whole of Bliss!

At every point, In spacetime, The dance of energy, Is and isn’t, It’s a great mystery, The binary dance, Seems to have shaped computers, One is presence, It’s the being, It’s light, Zero is absence, It’s nonbeing, It’s darkness, Their switching and replacing, Each other is swift dance of some energy, Which is constantly moving, … More The Whole of Bliss!

Eternal Dance!

I am.A body watches a dance.And a blissful experience,Grows on and on.Having seen the misery,The horror and suffering,I gasped for breath in an existential nightmare;You came forth as peace,I didn’t recognise you.I kept reading, searching, meditating.I kept looking for formulae.You established yourself in my heart.You took away my worries.My possessions, ambitions, personalities.You gave yourself to … More Eternal Dance!


It felt like being transported to a new world today;I only hover over this body at times;There’s a screen of consciousness,A dancing screen,Made of scintillating light,A golden cursor lets me,Paint empty pictures,It’s not a dead light,Not a radiation or an afterglow as Science has it!They all have it wrong!It’s alive.It’s the source and the destination.It’s … More Home!


If I keep writing for,Countless lifetimes,It will not be enough,To express how it feels,To have come Home!It has been said many times before; by many people,I feel mostly like being silent,Whenever I speak:It’s you speaking!The dancer divine who is one with me.Core of reality: fullness of heaven!I complained about your not being able to completely … More Treasure!

Mystic union!

In the sacred chamber of heart, The mystic union with, The damsel who dances, Shining brightly, Took place, A red drop met a white one, Cool soothing flood of bliss, Pervades, It has flooded everything everywhere, And consumed all the shivering of, Existencial nightmare.