This is love.
This is bliss.
This is peace.
The transcendental bliss supreme in which nothing is lacking.
Nothing remains to be gained.

All goals are achieved in future.
Falling of body or getting a new divine body or transfiguration suggest a future where something more fulfilling will replace the current situation.

No matter what I do or where I go: this peace remains.

And though I describe it only as a contrast to my past memories: vague traces of which indicate a dreamlike existence. Another dream similar to what the present world seems like.

Present self evident bliss never diminishes as waking, sleeping and dreaming; pleasure and pain succeed one another in an endless succession.

No questions or doubts arise.
All seeking came to an end with realisation.

All ideas of coming and going,
Of being better than anyone
Excelling at anything
Have lost their meaning completely.

I don't strive for anything.

I don't exert any effort.

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