Luncheon to luncheon!

1. Can you finish a ten rupees white bread packet(usually twelve to thirteen pieces with a twenty rupees lassi?) Answer: it depends on whether you need to finish it. 2. Why lassi and not tea? Answer: quantity to soak breads. 3. Why not water and sugar? Answer: I have tried. Question: 01: Why department? Answer: … More Luncheon to luncheon!

Six Pyramids!

Six pyramids,Three big and three small,Vast azure sky,Some cotton clouds;The explorer,Mounted on a brown saddle,On a camel has reigns in his hands,Sun is behind his back and his shadow ahead,No other persons are in sight,It has been long since he left his village,On this arduous journey,In pursuit of something he valued,With a white turban on … More Six Pyramids!


This is love.This is bliss.This is peace.The transcendental bliss supreme in which nothing is lacking.Nothing remains to be gained.All goals are achieved in future.Falling of body or getting a new divine body or transfiguration suggest a future where something more fulfilling will replace the current situation.No matter what I do or where I go: this … More Effort!


In this cosmic adventure,I took driver’s seat,I rode the waves of mind,Took its reins and made it a friend,I subdued pride and ego,A subtle current which kept building-on as I witnessed it arose and,Took my ride to the shore.I rejoiced with my only companion which is love.I found peace.My flight was bliss and freedom.

Joy of Being!

The light of bliss,The heavenly joy,Is solidifying in my being.Ambrosia tastes like honey,It’s the gift of grace from,The light of grace.It’s drizzling outside,Thunderbolt can be heard,And inside it’s stream of comfort.It’s the true home.It’s indescribable beatitude.

The Absolute Abode!

1. It is.2. It’s everywhere.3. It imparts knowledge. Hence its nature is knowledge.4. This communion results in freedom from all afflictions. Result is peace and bliss. It’s therefore known as bliss.5. It imparts life and freedom from death, decay and aging : therefore it’s an energy. A power.6. Since there’s no other to it. It … More The Absolute Abode!

The Light!

The Light is,Love and bliss,Comfort it’s,It’s the peace.The light is solace,My only refuge,My dwelling place.The light is limitless,Being and knowledge,It has all the answers.The light is my soul,My life.My heart and my everything.The light is sweet ambrosia,Gnosis and Play.Everlasting life-The light is.


1. It’s everywhere. At all times. It’s true.2. Communion with it causes Dropping away of all doubts and questions. It’s of nature of knowledge as far as mind is concerned.3. All questions of existential nature arise from a longing to be free from discomfort. To be at ease, at home, completely at rest, in harmony.Union … More Gnosis

The Codex of Bliss!

I am reading,From a codex of bliss;A song never before read.It’s both means and the end.It’s formless beauty,Matchless form.When pain, doubt and despair,Tried to overpower me,I wondered if my experience was real;I returned to this profound,Abode of bliss,The Absolute harmony,Ineffable bounty,Mystery of life,Essence which dreams,I realized that suffering,Was merely a passing shadow,The eternal song of … More The Codex of Bliss!

Joy Supreme!

Without any beginning, End or middle, It’s beginning, end and middle of everything. It has no proof, It’s proof of everything. This genuine blissful experience, Is purpose of life. The golden hall is condensed energy, The hall of gnosis is sparse energy, The mystic dance is joy supreme.