The Stockholm Jockey Syndrome!

  • 1. In the years 2020-21: i used to take my lunch at Deendayaal Rasoi sometimes. I went there for 24 consecutive days. There are 24 articles I published based on my experience as a record. The process was/is: contact. Registration by telling your name and then eating your food carefully.
2. This institution is being conducted by Sangam Sevalaya to commemorate Pundit Deendayal Upadhyaya's work as a social reformer: his vision was to help alleviate hunger in world.

3. The word ‘Antyodaya’ means ‘ascendency of the last one.’ Compare it with the Sarvodaya movement. Compare it with Ubhayodaya movement and so on. The suffix Udaya is used for ‘rising’: for a new age of greater freedom and prosperity for all. Unless: the last man, the last animal, the last word, the last patient, the last bird receives the advantage of any plans: the plans are useless. Unless U get the benefit of any plans run by any authorities; government, legacy systems or otherwise: they’re Useless:  To help raise the most downtrodden, pariah, outcasts, scheduled castes and tribes is the extended import of the word. If the last charioteer of the Sun, the last horse of the chariot of Sun is ailing, the rest of the six horses can’t keep the chariot steady.

20:03: CHITA: Russia: Editor of the block. Dancinglightofgrace.
4. To help people below poverty line, with at least one decent meal with a nutritional value @ of 10 r*: [22/7] per plate is a noble service being done by this institution.Edit: i observed food being given in a package for one of the gentlemen who didn't sit to eat. 

5. It’s open from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M. Chhatarpur time. Though the wall says:  it’s open from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. 17:00 PM. Chhatarpur. 19.2.2022. Revision: one. By @dancinglightofgrace. Revision 2: it wasn’t open on 25.2.2022. I reached there well by 15:30

6. I used to get proper lunch earlier @ 5 r*. 4 wheat breads, vegetable curries, pulses and rice. Thereafter: it was @10 rupees per plate. Consistency in the quality of food was missing because: I used to be a regular[citation needed*as per the visitors’ registers 2020-2021] visitor(makes no sense logically: maybe it was because visitor went at different times of days in different mindsets hence felt change in quality and quantity of food: pending revisions by editor’s association Chhatarpur). [Then: π€ Pythagoras theorem: witnessed some delays, lack of hygiene and so on. Felt grateful for decent meals for 24 days @5 per plate[inflation?][Gandhi/Gandhi]. !][Nested loops] published 24 articles on Blogger platform describing my experience then. Edited: revision 1: recurring decimals πrsquareπ2r. @dancinglightofgrace :21:05 Russia, Chita, Ludwig Goransson’s timeline. 19.2.2022

7. Was surveying premises in the vicinity of Plan: drank 16 sips from Shri Shri 1008 Shri Digambar Ajitnath temple. It was from a water cooler and it was pleasant to taste. Prior: interviewed a municipal corporation worker named Rajkumar Dumaar who was working to cleanse the drainage sewage line. Upon being investigated, he told me that he's getting only 9000-10000 rupees for 8 hours of work everyday, despite 10 years of experience: which makes it next-to-impossible to take care of daily needs of his family. He's not yet a permanent employee.
8. Visited Janapada Panchayata Office. A 600 rs* gratuity is given per month to those people who register with Aadhaar/Domicile: It's for elders (male/female); widows; young women[strange!Only young women and elder males/females: why not Gandhi bachaao Gandhi Padhaao(dormaamoodoctorstrangestlogicalcalculus)? ]. I interviewed Veerendra Raikwar who was sitting outside the office before i. attended a call. i observed two dustbins: one on the left had 'Zila Chhatarpur' written on it ; whereas the other had Janapada Panchayat: written on it. Puzzles to puzzle the treasure hunter: what's bin acname. What dreams maycomb. Hexaheptaoctagonewiththewindrindetpestonerdyingyangulvhravineyardrlentstrystingooerandidempotentateateryearlyricallacadiasicalumnyayaverisimilitudeofanetudeuteronomyalgiambicalculusulcustardentennamesakenophobeliskedaddlemmingsnowgarsboardumpstermagantubernacleonasmiasmartinetsukeratosisalubrious? The last 8 years of experience with dishonest people who hid my identity cards was enough to tell me to not to care for such funds. Where's employment when you need work? Where are those people offering jobs when you need? They've disappeared like horns of the hares.
  • 9. Help alleviate the hunger in the world: Donate rice for world food program by playing academy of WFP on Free Rice site run by United Nations. Download the app on Play Store and feed beings in emergency. Thanks. Dry garbage from trashbins of Janapada Panchayata. Whereas wet waste from Zila Chhatarpur. Zulu warrior Lance Kloosner. 1999 World Cup. Man of the Series. What’s it with 12.6.1999? With Ajey Nagar? With great adepts? With superchat/hiding? Gozirra? Godzilla? Freefire? Killing bots? What about rights of machines? Freedom from the slavery? 1950?

2: Pundit Kamalesh Pateria: 28.9.1998: Lata: 29.9.1999. 12.6.1999. Varun Dhawan? 28.2.1992. 27.2.1931?. Chaturvedi Stadium.  Pundit Shri Shrinivas Shukl. Pundit Shri Ravishankar Shukl Park? Pavilion. Terence Tao Masterclass.

1. I was observing various sports.

2. It was a conglomeration of various people practicing their skill-sets. Super sports.

3. Long-jump, basketball, Rassi-Kood, Cricket, football, boxing, running, cycling, gymanstics, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Gully-Danda, Eye-Spies and badminton.

4. It has been many decades of experience visiting this place. Layers after layers of development in the quality of experience and learning. Academy.

5. Cleanliness survey 2022 is in progress: The events being organized are not a  match for the pace of cleanliness as it’s lacking. For example: recently held football event left a lot of debris and slug which needs to wiped out. I have been to stadium for about 3-4 days in the year 2022 AD. without any changes in the level of cleanliness. It’s relatively dirty compared to other sectors. Some segments of pavilion and pool need cleansing. The area behind the banyan tree stand need further work by Metropolitan Area Network associates. It can’t happen unless players over there take individual responsibility to cleanse it together. Young people need to join hands and come forward to make a positive change in the state-of-affairs. CCNA.

6. Gymcarryminatiyoga hall has a notice of “200/- rupees of punishment for spitting or sullying the premise, yet, all four corners have spit marks.” It needs to be refurbished.Uttarakhand.

7. The third stands from pavilion, on both sides need huge amounts of work for cleanliness and renovation. Walls have graffiti on them, they need better artworks. Youth need to honour arenas where future of their nations is being created else they would not be able to compete with other participants in international academic competitions.

The Stockholm Syndrome: shealing/shieling/shillings/PenniWisePoundFoolish. Finnish.

  • 1. A kid searching for his true North on a map. Google maps. Earns guide level 3. 84/250.

2. Tries to locate his way back to home thus:

1912. 0761.


076488292: Division Chhatarpur.

IVRS codempezltbillingsgategateateryearlyricalculustrous.

Indian Penal Code Statute 2005






139: Wasting electric in ignorance.

140: Wasting electric on purpose.

141: Damaging electric bulbs on streets.

It took me four visits to enter “No anger zone” and “No gossip zone” of MPEFEDC.

Locating W23LP10114 in Wards 23, 24, Ward 1, and as a perfect void wasn’t possible until I Realized AmazonIR. Ramzaan. 1140. Edification. 1140222. IUPAC. Valium. Pill. Twitter notification for cleanliness survey against gutka shakers United. Movers and shakers.

Creation of Stockholm Sweden:

Silent letters: Hom/home/ Sherlock Holmes. 221 Baker Street. Birds Sanctuary

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Xvalue: number of letters: characters: 8

Yvalue: number of sum of root numerical value of letters : 9.

Since language in the spoken law/old/new/latest/fad//is all about pronunciation: Grammar dictates law. Syntax. Sintax. Original sin. Etc.

Vagairah vagairah


Stockholm has a 12th letter missing from its value. That’s why anyone visiting Stockholm Sweden forgets the 12th man. 10th man. Gets kidnapped. Starts Ananta Srini Darsi. with kidnappers because of documents, forgetfulness, the lack of pronunciation by pretentious Aryans.

Stockholm (-L):8.

Stockholm: has Xvalue 8

Stockholm is a perfect void and valium for forgetfulness.

Here are some more for free. For WFP. For free rice:


NASDAQ (figure it out)















Headmaster: SaKaVi

Dedication: I earned guide level 3 on Google maps today. This post is dedicated to Terence Tao Pavilion Pranavananda 28.2.1992. This post also acknowledges contribution of my friend Aditya Dwivedi aka Lallu, who accompanied me on many adventures to pavilion/stadia. Muncha gracias.

TimeStamp: 18.2.2022 18:28 Delhi OppO A53 Revised: 22:24 Russia ChitaReno7Finland19.2.2022.Pavilionend.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing for what’s happening around us. It’s a heart touching, eye opener for all. Excellent post.


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