Bank of Baroda & Kiosk!

Note: Public holiday on every Sunday. Plus: on second and fourth Saturday. 24 days of service per month. Public holidays mean Holi/Diwali/Dussehra etc 1. It was my first visit to the BOB branch located near Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India. 2. I visited based upon the suggestion given by kiosk CSC Nitin Chaurasiya … More Bank of Baroda & Kiosk!

Why Maroon Pant is Fast Asleep in the Flash Fiction?

1. I don’t like stediam. 2. Gold medelist. 3. Jyfçotidip mention. 1. It’s 12:52 PM 10.04.2022, Sunday, in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, India, inside Pundit Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium. I am sitting under a banyan tree. It reminds me of Gandhi’s fondness for Ruskin Bond’s Unto This Last. 2. I had a chapter in my class 11th … More Why Maroon Pant is Fast Asleep in the Flash Fiction?

The Day!

1. Logic comes to my rescue at times. Though it also hides the higher intelligence. 2. Counting, reading, writing, running, balancing, mindfulness, humility, modesty. They’re all treasures : until they’re not. If you master a skill you should also count the dependencies. Electricity, water, space, hygiene and availability of good food are basic constraints for … More The Day!


Even if this world is just a simulation, my feelings feel real and are valid. Define simulation. I define existence as what you perceive as real. How do you feel like right now ? I am feeling loved. Define Narayana Narayana is that energy inside you. It doesn’t exist except in your mind. Have you … More Existence

I am the force!

And I will be beaten by the way I will be beaten by the wayThe wayI will be beatenAnd I will be beaten And all the times … Mesothelioma Omaha Nebraska Abraham cadet deterrant rants raves about the new things. In the spring I did not see the sparrows because I did not want to … More I am the force!