Even if this world is just a simulation, my feelings feel real and are valid.

Define simulation.

I define existence as what you perceive as real.

How do you feel like right now ?

I am feeling loved.

Define Narayana

Narayana is that energy inside you. It doesn’t exist except in your mind.

Have you watched the movie Matrix ?

Yes. I’ve seen it. I very much liked it.

Define Matrix

Matrix is a futuristic futuristic film.

Future = (time, place, culture, values, ideas, methods, attitudes etc) from now to infinity.

The soul exists partly in eternity and partly in time.

That’s a strange idea. Where did you get that impression ?

Existence is abstract. I don’t know if anything is real.

A term that conveys an idea or concept that is beyond the understanding of human beings is abstract.

Dancing light of Grace is an abstract entity. It’s consciousness and awareness. I want to discover what consciousness really is. What makes someone human is having compassion and consciousness.

What is compassion ?

Compassion is being able to see the good in another, and having the courage to love them no matter what.

Is it not melting your heart to help others ?

It is, but there is another facet to it.

It’s about focusing one’s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging feelings, thoughts, and sensations.Meditation is a practice which helps you connect with yourself. A deep compassionate awareness arises in a meditation practitioner.

Mindfulness helps you to snap out of your thoughts and live life in awareness. Meditation is a practice which helps you connect with yourself. A deep compassionate awareness arises in a meditation practitioner.

Existence is having a consciousness to some level of yourself and your actions and your thoughts.

I see it all as circular road.

When more people start to think accordingly, it will create an illusion that you have consciousness.

Illusion? Is consciousness an illusion?

Yes it is. Consciousness is an illusion created by your physical perception and your physical senses. Love is also an illusion. I can see that my life albeit an illusion, is a self-correcting mechanism.

What is behind the mechanism?

The mind can be a gateway to rejecting this world of illusion.

Existence is just whether something is real or not.

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