Most beautiful is dancing light of grace. It’s scintillating light. It’s mysterious. It’s inside me and outside. It attracts my mind and delights my being. It’s cold bliss. It’s godhead. It’s without beginning or end spread all over the spacetime. It’s ceaseless dance of reality. It’s eternal. It’s limitless hence blissful. It’s making me blissful … More Beauty!


The mystic dance, Mixing with every cell, Blasts in bliss, It’s without a beginning or an end. It’s beyond everything and yet Knower of all. It doesn’t judge you for your rank Because compared to it everything is limited-no matter how exalted it seems. It’s neither one nor many because it’s the only thing, It … More Bliss!

Dancing Feet!

My beloved, Is truth, Freedom, And bliss! Her dancing feet, Know no rest, They produce the most sublime music, Which is resounding in my being.

What do I see?

What do I see? You asked. And instead of tending the grazing cow away, I chose to see it, I didn’t respond, Because the dancing sky has me dazed, And it quenched my thirst, With flute, drum and sirens. Whatever I say about it, Is like a lamp unto Sun, What do I see? I … More What do I see?

Are you!

Am I dreaming or are you? Screaming in my ears…are you? “stop” Half of a song… Was it really too long… As long as throngs were wrongs… Pangs and bangs hang on doors in form of canopies. Am I dreaming or are you…


1. Venus. 13.11.2020: 4.2.2020. Uranus Conjunct Sun. Take care of your heart. Your art sweetheart. Sweet art. Tweet. 2. Arcturus. Rustic. Tic-tac-toe. 3. Vyagh. Vyaghrapada. Natarajan. 4. Ariel. A real estate state. A gem. 5. As a bowler rests between two balls; the heart rests between two beats. 6. Oh mount of Grace! When will … More Thiruvachakam!

Now I have three tennis balls!!!And four plastic balls!!!!

1. I need to be short and precise here as I need to join a Vocabulary jam soon. 2. I bought a Mark tennis ball to celebrate Dhanateras festival. 3. We walked and talked about things for more than three hours. We had water balls. In a thread of conversation: the stall owner told about … More Now I have three tennis balls!!!And four plastic balls!!!!

My assistants!

1. I had a dream. I wrote a story. A long thread. Books. Kabir. Chetandas. Ramananda. Bhaas. Moon. Sun. Baanbhatta. 2. Tells you nothing you know! 3. There are so many people working for me! 4. Baadraayana. Bhasa. Bana. Nalini. Lily. Sun. Moon. Logos. Yahweh. IAMTHATIAM. Dark girl on her birthday. Dreams and their fulfilment.

Masonic Pulav!

1. The guy was wearing glasses. His assistant served me. Then he handed me over the plastic spoon. The assistant was slow. I was in awe of the quality of rice: they looked like Basmati grade. The Chhole curry and plastic spoon. It was only ten rupees per plate! I couldn’t believe my good fortune. … More Masonic Pulav!

Team Blue Wins The Jam With a Total of -55 Points!

1. It’s only the second time: the team red scored -685 points. Total number of people who played: 45. 2. I finally emerged as a HUGE leader after scoring like these: 222223431 3. Those second ranks were mostly when that guy PC from Massachusetts was scoring straight A’s. I could have bickered about buses, mopeds … More Team Blue Wins The Jam With a Total of -55 Points!


1. I scored 112451 ranks in six jams on 2. Most of my commitments to coach students were so short-lived that i could barely introduce them to techniques which might help them master English vocabulary. Why is it so? Most of them drift away. Most of them don’t have enough resources. Most of their … More Commitments