Most beautiful is dancing light of grace. It’s scintillating light. It’s mysterious. It’s inside me and outside. It attracts my mind and delights my being. It’s cold bliss. It’s godhead. It’s without beginning or end spread all over the spacetime. It’s ceaseless dance of reality. It’s eternal. It’s limitless hence blissful. It’s making me blissful like itself. It’s making me a luminous being. This dance of light is what confers gnosis and philosophy is all about it. It is also known as Brahm. It’s resounding in my being as Omkara. These divine melodies are same as this scintillating light. It tastes as nectar of immortality which is also known as ambrosia. It’s what has filled every fibre of my body with cold bliss. It’s as if a flood of bliss has engulfed my body. This light has been the object of my research off late. It’s direct knowledge. Immediate without any agency. The vibration frequency of this light varies based on how intensely active it’s at any given time in my body. This light can be seen with my eyes which act as camera. It also enters via the third eye which is located at the junction between the eyebrows also known as pineal gland.

It’s beautiful without any form. Formless form being most exquisite is a paradox. It’s so because only that which makes you feel blissful is truly beautiful.

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