Most beautiful is dancing light of grace. It’s scintillating light. It’s mysterious. It’s inside me and outside. It attracts my mind and delights my being. It’s cold bliss. It’s godhead. It’s without beginning or end spread all over the spacetime. It’s ceaseless dance of reality. It’s eternal. It’s limitless hence blissful. It’s making me blissful … More Beauty!


1. This was a pleasant day. It might seem odd: as I have plenty of money to feed myself for next ten days: my students who once used to dominate me seem to have disappeared. Their reasons might have a basis in reality but all of them needed a place when I was weakest. Still … More Tenet


“Every science begins as philosophy and ends as art; it arises in hypothesis and flows into achievement. ” I heard that with awe and wonder. It was beautiful wisdom on her exquisite lips which tasted like nectar of immortality. She was my destiny. The fountain of youth. The source of beauty. Her forgetfulness was peculiar. … More Achievement!