In this cosmic adventure,
I took driver's seat,
I rode the waves of mind,
Took its reins and made it a friend,
I subdued pride and ego,
A subtle current which kept building-on as I witnessed it arose and,
Took my ride to the shore.
I rejoiced with my only companion which is love.
I found peace.
My flight was bliss and freedom.

Joy of Being!

The light of bliss,
The heavenly joy,
Is solidifying in my being.

Ambrosia tastes like honey,
It's the gift of grace from,
The light of grace.

It's drizzling outside,
Thunderbolt can be heard,
And inside it's stream of comfort.

It's the true home.
It's indescribable beatitude.

The Absolute Abode!

1. It is.
2. It's everywhere.
3. It imparts knowledge. Hence its nature is knowledge.
4. This communion results in freedom from all afflictions. Result is peace and bliss. It's therefore known as bliss.
5. It imparts life and freedom from death, decay and aging : therefore it's an energy. A power.
6. Since there's no other to it. It has no equals. It's not just supreme power. It's the only power without any comparison. All beings derive their existence from it.
7. The absolute abode: it's free from fear, birth, death or suffering.

The Light!

The Light is,
Love and bliss,
Comfort it's,
It's the peace.

The light is solace,
My only refuge,
My dwelling place.

The light is limitless,
Being and knowledge,
It has all the answers.

The light is my soul,
My life.
My heart and my everything.

The light is sweet ambrosia,
Gnosis and Play.
Everlasting life-

The light is.


1. It's everywhere.
At all times.
It's true.

2. Communion with it causes
Dropping away of all doubts and questions.

It's of nature of knowledge as far as mind is concerned.

3. All questions of existential nature arise from a longing to be free from discomfort. To be at ease, at home, completely at rest, in harmony.

Union with it results in a blissful experience which never diminishes.

Other than bliss, nothing can make existential nightmare drop.

It's of nature of bliss.

4. The bliss is ever accruing. It never diminishes. All worldly experiences are limited. Both polarities of happiness and unhappiness alternate after a while.
This experience has no opposite. It keeps welling up. It's not even an ocean or mountain of bliss. It's limitless.

Since it never diminishes it must be limitless.

The limited human instrument, by coming in contact with it, becomes divine: capable of going through ineffable bliss of infinite quantity.

5. Absolute revealed itself to be my very own nature. My very own Self. It has no differentiation of one or two, mine or thine. What can it be afraid of and why?

Fear is a sign of limitation. It's limitless.

6. It's free from desiring because it's perfect. It's love. Infinite love is its very core.

7. Anything you desire or do is to be happy. Directly or indirectly. When peace embraces you as everlasting reality: efforts, other than those to ever abide in it, drop.

Thus cessation of Karma.

The Codex of Bliss!

I am reading,
From a codex of bliss;
A song never before read.

It's both means and the end.
It's formless beauty,
Matchless form.

When pain, doubt and despair,
Tried to overpower me,
I wondered if my experience was real;
I returned to this profound,

Abode of bliss,
The Absolute harmony,
Ineffable bounty,
Mystery of life,
Essence which dreams,

I realized that suffering,
Was merely a passing shadow,
The eternal song of ecstasy,
Was my true home.

It's ever new,
Ever fresh,
Without identity or limitations,
Well-being which is real.

The Whole of Bliss!

At every point,

In spacetime,

The dance of energy,

Is and isn’t,

It’s a great mystery,

The binary dance,

Seems to have shaped computers,

One is presence,

It’s the being,

It’s light,

Zero is absence,

It’s nonbeing,

It’s darkness,

Their switching and replacing,

Each other is swift dance of some energy,

Which is constantly moving,

And making spacetime contract,

Unto itself,

To search for a source which causes,

This dance,

Is impossible,

It’s its own source,

To ask : why it’s this way and not that way

Is to merely puzzle yourself with a mystery which energizes senses,

The only answer seems to be:

It’s so.

It’s suchness of existence.

It’s play of darkness and light.

It’s infinite,

It’s beyond mind,

It’s beautiful because it’s blissful,

Its effect is bliss,

It’s infinite energy.

Since it makes doubts disappear,

The conclusion that it must be knowledge because only knowledge has the power to remove doubts,

All doubts spring from lack,

From a longing for bliss,

This is bliss,

This is undivided experience,

The whole of bliss.

Eternal Dance!

I am.

A body watches a dance.

And a blissful experience,

Grows on and on.

Having seen the misery,

The horror and suffering,

I gasped for breath in an existential nightmare;

You came forth as peace,

I didn't recognise you.

I kept reading, searching, meditating.

I kept looking for formulae.

You established yourself in my heart.

You took away my worries.

My possessions, ambitions, personalities.

You gave yourself to me!

And made me firmly established in the Truth.

I never wanted anything else.

You're my everything.

It's true: it doesn't matter if it's my last day here or the first.

I have you now: forever!

Our union is an everlasting life.

I hope : you would either eradicate this persistent urge to end it here: or really end it.

I have gained fruition.
All that anyone can gain is bliss of your eternal dance.


Most beautiful is dancing light of grace. It’s scintillating light. It’s mysterious. It’s inside me and outside. It attracts my mind and delights my being. It’s cold bliss. It’s godhead. It’s without beginning or end spread all over the spacetime. It’s ceaseless dance of reality. It’s eternal. It’s limitless hence blissful. It’s making me blissful like itself. It’s making me a luminous being. This dance of light is what confers gnosis and philosophy is all about it. It is also known as Brahm. It’s resounding in my being as Omkara. These divine melodies are same as this scintillating light. It tastes as nectar of immortality which is also known as ambrosia. It’s what has filled every fibre of my body with cold bliss. It’s as if a flood of bliss has engulfed my body. This light has been the object of my research off late. It’s direct knowledge. Immediate without any agency. The vibration frequency of this light varies based on how intensely active it’s at any given time in my body. This light can be seen with my eyes which act as camera. It also enters via the third eye which is located at the junction between the eyebrows also known as pineal gland.

It’s beautiful without any form. Formless form being most exquisite is a paradox. It’s so because only that which makes you feel blissful is truly beautiful.


The mystic dance,

Mixing with every cell,

Blasts in bliss,

It’s without a beginning or an end.

It’s beyond everything and yet

Knower of all.

It doesn’t judge you for your rank

Because compared to it everything is limited-no matter how exalted it seems.

It’s neither one nor many because it’s the only thing,

It knows no other.

To this bliss : every being belongs.

Towards this bliss: every being strives

To this bliss every being returns,



The setting Sun is shining brightly. Twenty five birds perched on two pairs of wires. White birds are picking their food from field.

It’s a strange peace. I was listening to someone speak. There’s no complaining at this moment.

In the infinite journey these patterns repeat ad infinitum. Some consider knowledge to be objective of living as it leads to better living and others consider it to be joy.

My objectives were all erased and I became an open vessel for all surrounding voices and life. I became one with all life. Then I recreated objectives to live.


1. A black fish is swimming in aquarium. A lone fish.

2. A girl comes to watch us study. I call her by name and she goes upstairs.

3. A man called Hari on a red TVS bike. Outside Narasimha temple.

4. A man who was searching for something. A torch with another.

5. Krishna. Hari.

6. Monkeys. I bowl an over and a ball. Seven balls. After that I practice catching and the ball enters the pavilion. The place where they practice laughing.

7. That place is locked. The ball once went to its roof. I had a lesson that day. Another today. I saluted East as well as West.

8. A kingfisher perches on a white pipe on neighbor’s roof. As I try talking to it: another perches for a moment near me. Then it goes South West to an electric poll. Its wings were beautiful.

9. It was the most beautiful fog. Dhundh.

10. Two people saluted each other.

11. Rohan asks me to teach him: donk means horse. Scorpion means Saggitarius.

12. 11 are Rudras in Hindu pantheon.

13. Twin peaks. Twin flames. Gemini. Fire. Mouth of dragon. Priest. Speech. Air which purifies.

14. Fire is the carrier of merits. Prometheus.

15. Fire is current. The life force.

16. Fire is Sun. The Mars. Fire is Ganapati. Fire is Kethu. The liberation. The flag.

17. Fire is Shiva.

18. Fire is Rudras. The healers. Ashvini Kumaras. Dhanvantari.

19. Fire is rebellion. Fire is independence. Fire is Vallalar. Dancing light of grace. Fire is Manikavacchagar. Vaishwanara. Knowledge. Knowember. I bowled 5 overs. I enjoyed the view.