1. It's everywhere.
At all times.
It's true.

2. Communion with it causes
Dropping away of all doubts and questions.

It's of nature of knowledge as far as mind is concerned.

3. All questions of existential nature arise from a longing to be free from discomfort. To be at ease, at home, completely at rest, in harmony.

Union with it results in a blissful experience which never diminishes.

Other than bliss, nothing can make existential nightmare drop.

It's of nature of bliss.

4. The bliss is ever accruing. It never diminishes. All worldly experiences are limited. Both polarities of happiness and unhappiness alternate after a while.
This experience has no opposite. It keeps welling up. It's not even an ocean or mountain of bliss. It's limitless.

Since it never diminishes it must be limitless.

The limited human instrument, by coming in contact with it, becomes divine: capable of going through ineffable bliss of infinite quantity.

5. Absolute revealed itself to be my very own nature. My very own Self. It has no differentiation of one or two, mine or thine. What can it be afraid of and why?

Fear is a sign of limitation. It's limitless.

6. It's free from desiring because it's perfect. It's love. Infinite love is its very core.

7. Anything you desire or do is to be happy. Directly or indirectly. When peace embraces you as everlasting reality: efforts, other than those to ever abide in it, drop.

Thus cessation of Karma.

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