The Absolute Abode!

1. It is.2. It’s everywhere.3. It imparts knowledge. Hence its nature is knowledge.4. This communion results in freedom from all afflictions. Result is peace and bliss. It’s therefore known as bliss.5. It imparts life and freedom from death, decay and aging : therefore it’s an energy. A power.6. Since there’s no other to it. It … More The Absolute Abode!

The Light!

The Light is,Love and bliss,Comfort it’s,It’s the peace.The light is solace,My only refuge,My dwelling place.The light is limitless,Being and knowledge,It has all the answers.The light is my soul,My life.My heart and my everything.The light is sweet ambrosia,Gnosis and Play.Everlasting life-The light is.


1. It’s everywhere. At all times. It’s true.2. Communion with it causes Dropping away of all doubts and questions. It’s of nature of knowledge as far as mind is concerned.3. All questions of existential nature arise from a longing to be free from discomfort. To be at ease, at home, completely at rest, in harmony.Union … More Gnosis

The Whole of Bliss!

At every point, In spacetime, The dance of energy, Is and isn’t, It’s a great mystery, The binary dance, Seems to have shaped computers, One is presence, It’s the being, It’s light, Zero is absence, It’s nonbeing, It’s darkness, Their switching and replacing, Each other is swift dance of some energy, Which is constantly moving, … More The Whole of Bliss!

A Book of Bliss!

Day and night, I drink ambrosia, Dripping from the bosom of the lady divine; Who dances blissfully in my heart, This golden dance is genuine experience known as enlightenment, When it reveals itself, The ego is subdued by the bliss, It’s like reading a book of bliss forever!

Pure Being!

1. I have begun the third iteration of registering books in library. 2. Took some time to read Vinoba Bhaave’s commentary on Vedas. 3. Last few days have been interesting self discovery. 4. This mystic dance which fills every inch of space within and without is my sole object of study and search now. It’s … More Pure Being!


The setting Sun is shining brightly. Twenty five birds perched on two pairs of wires. White birds are picking their food from field. It’s a strange peace. I was listening to someone speak. There’s no complaining at this moment. In the infinite journey these patterns repeat ad infinitum. Some consider knowledge to be objective of … More Objectives


1. She retained Kuntal as Kaundal. 2. Her memory of my memory isn’t any better than it used to be. 3. She inquired about the fragrance. As i was returning from the Deendayal Rasoi: the fragrance near the entrance was palpable. They’re all in on it. 4. I registered 44 titles today. The last rack … More Fragrance!


1. The sixth page of book titled “Brahmcharya” by Gandhiji offers this solution: Treat all women as you would treat your sisters, mothers and so on. This would result in celibacy according to him. 2. The commitment towards just one person binds. Then your love becomes limited. 3. What about those committed? 4. Let them … More Brahmacharya!