1. The sixth page of book titled “Brahmcharya” by Gandhiji offers this solution:

Treat all women as you would treat your sisters, mothers and so on.

This would result in celibacy according to him.

2. The commitment towards just one person binds. Then your love becomes limited.

3. What about those committed?

4. Let them become like brothers and sisters.

5. Then a Godse would come.

6. Same with Adam and Eve. Incest is the root cause of all evil no matter what philosophy you subscribe to. Therefore UG advised “fuck your mother and sex problem will be over forever.” Not my ideas. UG Krishnamurthy.

7. I always asked people about incest. The Maria Mata oath might not be just one such case. “All indians are my brothers and sisters :” I should not marry one of my brothers or sisters then? Even Dilip Jacob married. Then he must have married his sister? Yes. This is where you put the ribcage clonning theory. You marry yourself. Predestination : a thought provoking thriller. I am out of this BS.

8. The only pleasure which people hanker after is taboo and taxed. It’s the way of the world. It’s the churning of the ocean. Only one pool. You sometimes call yourself God and at others you call yourself not-so-godly.

9. My stomach is India’s stomach. My stomach is cosmic stomach why not. Ravana had nectar in his navel. Godse becomes Rama. It’s all fiction and novels anyway.

10. If school oaths can be broken to marry your sisters(openly or secretly) any oaths can be broken: Hippocampus oath? No. Hippocrates oath.

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