The Light!

The Light is,Love and bliss,Comfort it’s,It’s the peace.The light is solace,My only refuge,My dwelling place.The light is limitless,Being and knowledge,It has all the answers.The light is my soul,My life.My heart and my everything.The light is sweet ambrosia,Gnosis and Play.Everlasting life-The light is.


1. It’s everywhere. At all times. It’s true.2. Communion with it causes Dropping away of all doubts and questions. It’s of nature of knowledge as far as mind is concerned.3. All questions of existential nature arise from a longing to be free from discomfort. To be at ease, at home, completely at rest, in harmony.Union … More Gnosis


1. Architects . Architectonickelodian 2. I bought a lower. A red coloured one with ‘happiness’ written on it. 3. I had a cone. A softy after a recharge guy had a red and white cigarette. 4. The garbage was disposed off. 5. I am supposed to keep books for binding in the capacity of the … More Frequency!