1. Venus. 13.11.2020: 4.2.2020. Uranus Conjunct Sun. Take care of your heart. Your art sweetheart. Sweet art. Tweet.

2. Arcturus. Rustic. Tic-tac-toe.

3. Vyagh. Vyaghrapada. Natarajan.

4. Ariel. A real estate state. A gem.

5. As a bowler rests between two balls; the heart rests between two beats.

6. Oh mount of Grace! When will I get to see the Tenet in its best print!

7. Oh mount of Grace! When will I get to watch the Vyapam scam made into one of the best mystery thrillers ever made: in which, all fake certificates will verily become sweet fragrance of camphor divine?

8. Oh mountain of Grace! When will I do my doctorate from Massachusetts institute of technology without any loans hanging over my head! Oh divine dancer formless and with form! When will I be employed in thy true service?

9. My divine victorious dancer: I pray and prey to thy dancing feet: when will thou grace me in race!

10. Oh all-in-all: supreme grace! Oh sublime beauty, oh perfect enlightenment!

11. Oh reviver of deads! Verily beautiful, blissful fulgent gentry tryst with tiny and miny.

12. Oh dancinglightofgrace! Oh DLOG!

13. I humbly request you to permanently release me from cycles of birth, death, limitations and aging. Injury and fear. I want it and need it: complete and infinite freedom and all that comes with it.

Reference: Ratna Navaratanam: Thiruvachakam.

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