Engagement Rings!

1. Any rings you wear are a serious business. Now i understand it with more clarity than ever before. Earlier the import used to be as much: whenever one of the protagonists cheated on their husbands or wives: they take off their engagement ring. 2. It’s an age old custom to wear metal rings, especially … More Engagement Rings!

The Blue Bird!

1. It was 23 hours ago. The last post. I am sitting on the same spot. Am I? Herodotus is credited with the quote “you can’t bathe in the same river twice.” 2. Bowled 40 times. 11 hits. Good catching practice as well. There was no juice on juice shop and no poha stall. Two … More The Blue Bird!

Morning Run!

1. 40 balls. 8 hits on target. 2. Read newspaper on app. Strangely: all news in this town and around is either about accidents or Lodhi community. And accident signboard has an exclamation mark, like my posts do. Not just one post. It’s entire journalism community of Dainik Bhaskar mocking the prevention of accidents, pedestrians … More Morning Run!

Thanksgiving 2020

A fellow blogger inspired this post. 1. This year i feel grateful for this black cap that I don on my head. The man sitting on the thela outside stadium near Surya Namaskar statues sold this to me in 70 rupees after bargaining. He asked me what the thing on my right hand’s finger was. … More Thanksgiving 2020

The Day Begins!

1. Harshan Yoga. Sagittarius ascendant. Mercury and Moon rule the 12 hour day. The stadium is still being used as an isolation cell for those who do not wear mask. 2. November is pronounced as Navambar or new sky in Hindi 3. December is pronounced as this ambar or this sky. The sky which gets … More The Day Begins!

Cosmic central Sun…alignment to Shishumara begins!

1. Julian day: 2459176. 7. Venus. Seth. 2. 22.11.2020: symmetry. Beauty of numbers. 3. Uranus rules the day. Quirk. South node of Moon which is placed in Aquarius is placed in the sign of Scorpion. The root comes out to be 2053 or 28 or 10: Sefer Yetzirah. Binary. The first order triggers a time … More Cosmic central Sun…alignment to Shishumara begins!