The Blue Bird!

1. It was 23 hours ago. The last post. I am sitting on the same spot. Am I? Herodotus is credited with the quote “you can’t bathe in the same river twice.”

2. Bowled 40 times. 11 hits. Good catching practice as well. There was no juice on juice shop and no poha stall. Two days in a row.

3. I saw two birds. I wanted to take picture. They flew away as I got closer and closer. One of them was a kingfisher with very different blue wings than i have seen so far. It was young. Another was a blackbird which looks like a distant cousin of nightingale.

4. Hockey team is here. I had seen them playing before in my days of struggle. It’s still the same except i am bowling instead of being a mere spectator. There were two girls and nine boys. 232. Abhay was wearing shirt number 3. Abhay is the captain of the team or coach I presume. Chuck dey India. Hockey is India’s national sport. Either it should be given enough funds or Cricket should be made India’s national sport. Abhay tum sangharsh karo ham tumhare saath hain…

5. As my morning breathing, meditation and practice is over, now I should be anxious about money making. I need to buy my daily bread and butter after all. There were three pigeons on a wire. There were three bikers. The morning run is over. Here comes the noon.

Noon boon catamaran choon

Per choon perchance

Prance dance

Pierre Simon Laplace

Placed cede this id

This umber umbrage

Barrage of words without rage

Subterfuge fugue segue garrage


Not yet?

Keep reading…stay tuned.

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