Morning Bowling Session!

1. Purva Phalguni quarter four is ruled by Mars. It’s a Tuesday. Venus rules Purva Phalguni which falls in Leo constellation. By this evening Moon will enter Virgo. Moon has exceeded degrees of Mars and by evening it will exceed degrees achieved by Venus, becoming Atmakaraka for a while before it enters house of Mary. … More Morning Bowling Session!

Sunday Morning!

1. 6 overs. I concentrated on Fielding as well as Bowling. 2. There are three parties in ground. 3. I observe plenty of work that has been put by academy on ground: when i came here there were only two pitches. Now there are four and twenty pillars. Many new players have joined and many … More Sunday Morning!

The Blue Bird!

1. It was 23 hours ago. The last post. I am sitting on the same spot. Am I? Herodotus is credited with the quote “you can’t bathe in the same river twice.” 2. Bowled 40 times. 11 hits. Good catching practice as well. There was no juice on juice shop and no poha stall. Two … More The Blue Bird!

Morning Rituals!

1. I just read what I had written six hours ago and though I usually don’t judge myself the last post seems to have been written by a drunk and yet it was ambrosia. The nectar of immortality plus some words. 2. I practiced alternate nostril breathing and bowling in stadium. Fortunately I got some … More Morning Rituals!

Masonic Pulav!

1. The guy was wearing glasses. His assistant served me. Then he handed me over the plastic spoon. The assistant was slow. I was in awe of the quality of rice: they looked like Basmati grade. The Chhole curry and plastic spoon. It was only ten rupees per plate! I couldn’t believe my good fortune. … More Masonic Pulav!


1. I scored 112451 ranks in six jams on 2. Most of my commitments to coach students were so short-lived that i could barely introduce them to techniques which might help them master English vocabulary. Why is it so? Most of them drift away. Most of them don’t have enough resources. Most of their … More Commitments

What comes next?

1. Ten overs. Leaves falling. Plenty of beauty. 2. Sanskrit. Hindi. English. 3. Narayan. Vaasudev. Vallalar. Arhat. Arukkar. Buddha. 4. I am getting better at finding spots. It means: practice makes you better at anything. Practice and detachment from the distractions or pitfalls. 5. Kapil of Discovery of India is different from Kapil of Bhagvata. … More What comes next?


1. I bowled a total of sixty balls over ten overs in the evening session with the new Mark signature tennis ball. (QRF—<1 Goal Unit) 2. It was the last conversation with Piyush before he goes on a journey to Delhi. After the unlock we have been spending time in stadium. We discussed philosophy and … More Updates