Morning Bowling Session!

1. Purva Phalguni quarter four is ruled by Mars. It’s a Tuesday. Venus rules Purva Phalguni which falls in Leo constellation. By this evening Moon will enter Virgo. Moon has exceeded degrees of Mars and by evening it will exceed degrees achieved by Venus, becoming Atmakaraka for a while before it enters house of Mary.

2. I saw many pigeons as I bowled in Shatabdi. I was late. I saw 14 Chepla birds going South. They indicate a cycle. I saw an army personnel on a bicycle in green pagdi going towards Chhatrasal Carrefour as I was entering academy. I bought a black mask worth twenty rupees. A wire was lying broken outside the old Gyandeep stationery.

3. Shiva came to drop Rukman. She’s now an aspirant for MBA. She wanted to become an anchor and a pilot. She had a brief stint at MMHS as a teacher. She says she finds preparation for MBA to be easier now than what it seemed before. Now they have more colleges and more options. Richa Gupta cracked it easily. I used to teach her words using Michael Quinion’s World Wide Words. Of all the students I have taught vocabulary to: Richa was smartest. She was deep and in the induction she used words to mean that people shouldn’t treat other people as objects. She didn’t know that it becomes absolutely necessary to do so in some walks of life. She had a Virgo Moon and Scorpio ascendant and she was my first friend on Facebook. In fact she invited me to join Facebook. Her husband also has a Virgo ascendant with Virgo Moon. They’re rich people.

4. Dhruv is now working out with Yash. It’s good that they’re working out even before they reached college. I worked out in college for about three years in Suresh Soni’s gym. I took cretin in those days for a while which had fish extracts. I knew what I was doing. I also had bread which had egg as a component when Prashant Gupta brought it in Mahaveer Colony house.

5. I always felt lack of food and space. Leonardo Da Vinci always felt lack of time. We are all striving after something or the other.

6. It’s eighth day of dark half of lunar month as per Hindu calender. I could see Moon in the Southern direction. The pentagon in the star hanging on Church of MMHS has five three pointed stars. The pentagon is red whereas stars are white. The core represents heart or red drop whereas white triangles represent white drops in trinities. Red drop absorbs white ones and bliss is born. Logos is a negative energy or a positive power based on whether you adhere to Archons or Gnostics respectively. I asked Shiva if she would be able to refer me to Maria Mata staff. She said I might have a chance in next session. It might be a long wait. You don’t know what’s going to happen next.

7. I bowled 60 times. 10 overs. Sweating. 17 hits. 8122020. Saturn. Venus. Mars. Balance.

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