1. I had a 15 minutes session on Data Science with Vaibhav who represents Business Toys. Vaibhav hails from Satara, Maharashtra. The session was for free from the firm.

2. He is currently located in Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore (Bengaluru.)

3. Data Science course would need 79999 rupees including GST. And a laptop or computer. Six months of one to one and half hours sessions would enable you to become a Business Analyst if you’re competitive enough.

4. Data Science has Machine learning and Deep learning.

5. Machine learning part needs knowledge of SQL, Python.

6. Deep learning platform is KERAS. It’s similar to Alexa by Amazon.

7. Foundation of machine learning is data recognition or pattern recognition. It’s extrapolated into descriptive analysis in deep learning via tensor imaging. The data has to be converted into visual models which can easily give information to businesses.

8. Why am I interested in Data Science? Because I am curious. Curiouser and curiouser.

9. Data is information. I asked him if it can be called energy. Switching from Computer Science to Physics.

10. His tone was moderate and he seemed like a good interlocutor.

11. This post might come across as an advertisement for Business Toys but it’s for my comprehension and to provide basic info to anyone interested.

12. Thanks Vaibhav and rest of the team!

A Tohu verse to celebrate the session:

Roustabout roundabout

Bout out of box

Index out of bound

Redound rebound

Underdogs will shine

Like vast effulgence of Grace!

Tacit jacitation

Chitta Ranjan January February

Clam round lambda unbound.

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