1. I scored 112451 ranks in six jams on

2. Most of my commitments to coach students were so short-lived that i could barely introduce them to techniques which might help them master English vocabulary. Why is it so? Most of them drift away. Most of them don’t have enough resources. Most of their communities come to teach me instead of learning from me. They pretend as if they want to learn English but mostly they are about hearsay and moral chastisement. Imagine taking character certificate from sons and daughters of Satan : repeatedly until the end of times. It’s Sisyphean task.

3. I had a nice time practicing bowling in the evening session. I bowled 65 times, took couple of pictures and watched others play. I also heard some quality music. The attestation to having divorced the Mula constellation: even if it’s only partially: is to be able to create events without getting bored. Mula born get bored very easily. 2020 was the year when I mastered boredom and also grasped some nuances of transmigration of soul as per Buddhism and Hinduism. Egyptian mysteries elude.

4. if it says anywhere that some souls burn in hell fire forever: I have read Quran but I only found: Aleph, Liam, meme and shin in it. I had only this much to say and I said this to a muslim teacher and scholar as well: What about those who are already in hell? Who suffers? Is it not the Allah? Then : there must be another agency: discover that agency which is present in both heaven, hell as well as in inbetween. Moreover: Muhammad himself would have known what it’s like to recall previous painful memories when revelations happen: if he was never completely free from the pain they created for him how could he have laid down laws in stone: like Moses and others? It was like writing in prison where no free will exists whatsoever.

5. Purgatory and then back to Earth, Heaven and so on are better concepts. I don’t see various religions as more than vying for spacetime and energy in their domains. Vikram, Hizri, Christian and other eras: all memories of great wars and further wars: era of Donald Bradman, Kapil Dev, Tendulkar, Gandhi, Pele, Modi and Trump. Everyone fighting for the bigger piece of bread. Basically: animal kingdom shown as religious kingdom. Conditions given in Purana for attaining Godhead are so difficult that most human beings have no salvation. Has singularity been reached: are actually machines in charge here? What about Steven Greer’s Disclosure? Where are Sirius, Orion and other civilization beings? Will police and military be back to stadium and streets which are already overpopulated and overcrowded? I don’t have any answer.

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