Shri Baburam Chaturvedi Stadium, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh

1. I bowled a total of sixty balls over ten overs in the evening session with the new Mark signature tennis ball. (QRF—<1 Goal Unit)

2. It was the last conversation with Piyush before he goes on a journey to Delhi. After the unlock we have been spending time in stadium. We discussed philosophy and Tibetan Book of Dead along with fundamentals of various religions and mysteries.

3. I have to manage money for next ten days. It’s hardly enough to feed oneself decently. I have seen worse.

4. I played vocabulary quiz on vocabulary.com. Scores: 113212. My ranking has been better than usual. There were sixty to eighty participants per game. If I could score enough to be in the top three : I should be proud and continue to learn new words meticulously. My score on Free Rice site has also improved but I need to improve my accuracy.

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